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history of house de guis
« on: 30 March, 2014, 03:03:58 AM »

our words heart and hand , our sigel fleur de lile ,
i belong to  noble family of france , we are farmers , we have no land no title beacuse it has been denied to us by  king they  call      henry , i call him henry the idle , u might laugh at noble without land , the usurper has taken everything from us , our land , our  people , our honor and disgraced my mother mary de guis and has exciled her  , my mother  can traces her lineage to charles  martel better know as charles the hammer , my mother for years languished in foriegn lands , living in obsurity at  courts of  kings of europe , living on scraps throwned to her by petty minded kings who could not win a battle even their life depened on it , but mary de guis needed their help their silver and their armies to reclaim france what is rightfully hers , being poverty striken there was little to eat but she made sure her children were fed , even though she often would go hungry , she used tp weep at nights smothering herself with a piece of cloth so that she didnt make a noise so that her children will not hear her , she used to sing us to sleep the song goes likes this

''Land of bear and land of eagle
 Land that gave us birth and blessing
 Land that called us ever homewards
 We will go home across the mountains

 Land of freedom land of heroes
 Land that gave us hope and memories
 Hear our singing hear our longing
 We will go home across the mountains

Land of sun and land of moonlight
Land that gave us joy and sorrow
Land that gave us love and laughter
We will go home across the mountains

We will go home, we will go home
We will go home across the mountains''

i do not remember the rest of the song , she was tuff determined little woman , she sheilded her two children from hardships of the world and took it on all her two tiny shoulders  but i and my older sister joan we knew , anyway that was a long time ago.

my home a land beyond a great vast forest , surrounded by majestic mountains with lush vinyards and with flower of such frailty and beauty as to be found no where else.

We grew up , now we had an army , it was under command of mary de guis my mother , i was training to be a soilder  and my sister  she grew up to be beautiful and brave was cavarly commander in the army  , they used to call her maiden of guis because she used to love horses and ride it on full armour into at the thick of battle , my mother forbide her to do that because she  loved her and she was risking her life too much , until she pushed  fortune too much an arrow pierced through the neck , she was covered with blood and died at my mothers arms , just before the life left   her she grabbed me and looked me in the eyes and told me always  chase after what i wanted , my mother overcame with grief and killed herself .

the priest use to say she would never enter heaven because she was sucicidal , i use to pray to god , grasp the cross in my hand and say how can u be in hell when u are in my heart.
i too was overcome with grief and i try to drown my sorrow in  drinking and whores , my soul was lost.
one day i was drinking in tavern a soilder came in and sat next to me and we begin to talk , he told not to lose fate and reach my goals , he said he was from provance , he picked me up trained me , gave silver and land and i told him i would repay his kindness.
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