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RP-Wandering Gryphon Story
« on: 05 March, 2014, 10:27:56 PM »
It was a cold and snowy night in Savoy when Soroosh Khakshoor entered the tavern after a hard day of working in the stone mines. Of course he was tired from that work and thirsty too, thirsty for some honey ale.
 Tavern was busy as always. Everyone in Savoy goes to Tavern after their hard days of work. Some of the people inside were playing with cards and dices, some only drank and laugh loudly with each other.
 After taking a look around, Soroosh discovered some empty seats at the bar counter. The young man shook himself, causing the snow on his hair and cape to fall onto the ground and melting there. With a move of his hand, he took his cape off and handed it over to a young boy, standing near him. Soroosh gave the boy a smile and some coin as well, . “Could you keep it safe for me, young man?” and gave the boy a pat on the shoulder, before he went to take a seat at the bar counter.
 “A cup of ale, please”,he ordered the bartender. As soon as Soroosh received the cup, he take a big nap and smiled“Damn, this is go good. A drink after work is the best.”

 With his cup of ale in his hand and the other arm resting on the bar counter, Soroosh started to take another look around the Tavern. He always enjoys seeing people inside Tavern – seeing them happy and not bothering the matters of the cruel world outside, that Soroosh knew too well. He took another big nap of his ale, before something got his attention. It was a man – maybe his age. Soroosh could see the man had brown hair, his eyes that were staring at Soroosh were black. The clothes he was wearing reminded Soroosh of a tailor. Maybe he was one? Somehow Soroosh had the feeling he knows that man – or the man knew him, but with a shrug he turned back to the counter:“Maybe he’s just wondering ‘bout my right eye.”
 He thought to himself and focused on his drink..Just after some minute he feel someone touch his shoulder.He turn quickly and take his dagger out and put on neck of the man.
 He realize that it was the man who was looking at him.All of tavern look at them.The man put his hand on dagger and with a scared tone say
"no no no man.I don't wanna fight you".When see his sacred face,Soroosh put his dagger on table.After some seconds people see that there isn't anything they get back to their own work.
 Soroosh look carefully at that person and say "Who are you?Do i know you?
 The man that see things was get calmer take a deep breathe and say
 "For a second,I think that i am going to die.Well sorry for touching you so suddenly."
 Then take a seat near Soroosh.Get a cup of ale.Drink a little from it,Then turn to Soroosh and say:
Well just after see your eyes i get a feeling that i know you.Say what is your name?
 Soroosh drink a little and look at man.The man have a brown hair with black eyes.A normal cloth,It was like that man was a Tailor.After take a good look at man He say:
Hmm my name is Soroosh.What is yours?
 The man get shocked that was near to fall from his seat.He drink whole of his drink then turn to Soroosh face then with a happily tone say: Do you live in Savoy before?By any chance in Provence?
 After some pause Soroosh say: "Yes i live there when i was child.I was born in Persian Empire.I came here with my mother and father.My mother die from sickness,After that i live in Provence for years.
 The man laugh happily.Then get Soroosh hand and with a happy face say
It is me Garreth,Do you remember me?You and me was working at a Military camp together.We was friend, Remember?
 Just after hear that name and looking at Garreth eyes he remember.
 When he work at a military camp,Garreth was his friend.There both train to become soldiers.He have a weak body and lose most of their fights.But always have good personality.
 Just after remember him,With a big smile and happy tone say: NO WAY.You change so much that i can't remember you.How many years it been?5 year?It been a long time.
 Then he turn to bartender and say: Bring more drink,i find my friend.
 They laugh together and drink a cup of ale.
 Garreth give another cup of ale to Soroosh and say: Where have you been all of this years?After things that happen between you and your father,You decide to travel,Right?
 Soroosh get the cup and drink from it and say:Yeah,for forget things that happen in Provence i decide to travel.I travel all of way to north.I pass from Normandy,France.Then go to England.
 Garreth with a surprised face say: wow you travel so much.I think you become a experienced man now.Now tell me your stories.I think you got a lot of them.
 Soroosh get another drink and say: Okay why not.
 After that he begin tell his travels story.

(To be Continued.....)
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(RIP) Soroosh Khakshoor

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Re: RP-Wandering Gryphon Story
« Reply #1 on: 07 March, 2014, 11:40:39 PM »
Soroosh was telling his travel story until when he get to France.He drink a little ale.He take a look around himself.There was some other people that was listen to him too.Everyone get shocked face when they hear Soroosh stories.Garreth with a shocked tone say:What happen after that?
Soroosh laugh a little then turn to Garreth and say:
Well just after get to France i go to harbor.I hear in my trips that England have one of strongest army in world.I was plan on joining to their armies.I get a ship in harbor and leave as soon as i can.
Soroosh drink a little from his ale.then continue:
After that i get to Essex town.It was a nice one,There was a strong fish smell.I take a cart from there to go to London.After some hour i finally arrive to London.I see a big town in front of me.Markets was full of people and things.I was lost in there.I find a tavern by accident.I go inside and take a sit.I can see all kind of people in there.I get a drink and look around.Then some people come inside the tavern.They was wear a full set of armor.some was injury and some was in blood.People get to them and ask what happen.It seem they was from England natives war.I hear that England is in war with so many native village now and look for soldier.After hear that i get so happy.I get out tavern and run to place that soldiers tell me.I get to castle and see so many young boy are there.I see a man in full set of armor with a white cape.I go there and tell my name.And ask if i can join them.By the chance that man was famous England commander,Pierre Moutarde.He accept me in army and soon i get chance to fight in wars.
Soroosh drink his whole of ale.Then look around himself.He see Garreth surprised face And laugh.
Garreth drink a little from his cup.Then look at Soroosh and with a funny tone say:
Tell me your war stories.I wanna hear that.
Soroosh laugh and say:
Man you really wanna hear stories,Don't you?You are like past.Okay.
Soroosh drink a little and start explain how he get a life in England,And how he was get ready for wars.

(To be continued.......)
(OCC:Sorry people for my bad Grammar.And i will accept idea in every part too.;) )
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Re: RP-Wandering Gryphon Story
« Reply #2 on: 11 March, 2014, 10:12:07 PM »
Soroosh take another sup from his ale,Then continue:
After get to army i get news that army will leave next day for north.I was so excited,It was time i always wait for,Fight as a soldier in a strong army.That night i get to a tavern and take a room.That night i hardly sleep for a minute.
He take another sup of his ale then continue:
After some days of hard travel to north we reach to Durkham.It was a cold day,I wear my armor and go to my post in first line.My blood was about to explode,Then take a look at natives army.They was too many that i can't count them.In front of them we was a small army.After sometime i notice someone come in front lines.A man that wear a black armor.With a crown on his head.Just some second later,Army shout :"HAIL TO KING".It was like ground and sky get shaken from power of that warcry.There i notice that man was King of England.The aura that was rise from army was amazing.After some second i hear war horn.Just after that i just remember to march to enemy army.Two army hit eachother like waves of sea.I see a native that run to me.I stop for a second and gather all of my power then hit him.With first hit guy fall on ground and i cut his head.
War get continue.I fight but in end i get down by a strong native.That war was one of my best experience in world.After that i fight in some other war.In that wars i meet some of greatest soldier in all Europe.People that kill natives like sheeps.In there i get a knight title that given to me by King. After that i go to south.

Garreth with a surprised face say:
You get a Knight?WOW.But wait what are you doing in Savoy now?
Soroosh laugh lightly and take a sigh and say:
In my last war I was on front lines again.Enemy was outnumbered from us.But that was nothing that make me worry.I was wait for war begin,That i notice someone in there.A huge soldier come and stand by my side.In full black armor.When you was look at his armor it feel that his armor is eat light.A deadly aura was rise from him.That make me freeze in my place.I just notice that war horn sound.I charge as hard as i could.He was by my side,His aura make me run faster.After two army meet eachother i get to an strong native.I was hardly fight that i see him again.He was swing his sword and kill every native that come in his way.I felt that i am getting back so i push that guy and cut him.I run after That man but get to another native but he was too strong for me and i get down.After that i remember that i was carry to London.I didn't get chance to know that guy.
Garreth look at Soroosh and say:
But what it does with the fact of that you are in Savoy?
Soroosh smile at Garreth and say:
Well that guy is reason why i am in Savoy.reason why i leave everything that i have in England to follow him.
Well i meet him again on Hampshire this time i get his name.I was on Hampshire harbor.That days i feel that i don't have any goal in my life.I was in think of this things that i accidently see a paper on say:"A new Mercenary group hire new members." I get it and look carefully.I go to the place that they was hire new soldiers.That i meet that guy again.In that time i get his name.Grandmaster Duncan Hamilton.

Garreth with a shocked tone say:
What King Duncan Hamilton? You you...
Garreth was that shocked that can't speak.Soroosh noded and say:
Yes King Duncan Hamilton.He accept me in his guild.I train with him and travel with him.Now that he become King of Savoy i am here too.
Just after hear that Garreth drink all of his ale and say:
no way.
Soroosh laugh and say:
Well it was my story.
He take a look around himself,Then call over the kid that hold his cape.He stand up and wear it.
After some second that Garreth take a look at the emblem on cape and shout:
no way, are wanderer Gryphon!Raid Leader of Iron Fist.
Soroosh smile at Garreth and say:
yes i am.
They both laugh together and drink a little more.It was get late night.Soroosh and Garreth get a little drunk.They get out of tavern while was laugh loudly.
There Soroosh see a big and muscle woman with a stick in her is coming at them.Soroosh pat on Garreth shoulder and say:
Hey,why that woman come at us like that.
Garreth take a look at her,Just after some second his skin turn to white.When he get scared he get white like that.Just after notice that Soroosh ask:
Who is that woman?
Garreth hug Soroosh and with a scary tone say:
man it was good to see you again.She is my wife i am gonna get killed.So GOODBYE.
just after say that Garreth run like a deer that get chased by a wolf.Soroosh laugh loudly.
Then get back to his way to home.He take a sigh and say:
wow.So many thing change in here.
He start walking again. Ready to meet his future.
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RP-Wandering Gryphon (Dear King and Brother memory)
« Reply #3 on: 21 March, 2014, 11:57:10 PM »
It was a cold morning.Soroosh was travel back to Savoy,He was travel to north to get some of best ale in world. His deals was good and he get some good money from that.He was in sleep that get awake after hear people sound.
He get down from his cart and see Savoy Palace.He turn and say to Garreth:
Get that Ale barrel we are going to see my brother.
Garreth quickly get some people and bring barrel,Soroosh then walk to Palace,He never see people to get near palace like that.Some of them have worried faces.
He get to stairs of Palace that a soldier come to them and say:
Oh Commander you come.Bad news....
Soldier was about to finish his words that Soroosh stop him and say:
Stop stop i don't wanna hear news now.First i wanna see my brother i get him some of best ale in world that just he can drink. I really wanna drink with him now.....
He pass soldier that he see a sadness in other faces.He get back to soldier and say:
What happened?
Soldier was about to cry,With a sadness in his voice he say:
King......King Duncan is dead!
Just after hear that words Soroosh get that shocked that he couldn't move.Just after some second that he get to himself he pick that soldier and shout:
Just after look around himself he notice others have sad faces,He release the man and run to throne room.One of his man stop him and explain things.Just after hear all of words he get to his kneels.He feel like all of worlds pain come to his chest. He remember all of days he have with his brother and then hear words of the man again:
King fall ill hardly,He didn't accept any doctor.It happen after you leave after some days King die and we make a big Tomb.If you want you i can get you to his Tomb.
Soroosh stand on his feet and ask man to get him to there. He get to a big place with so many flowers.Soroosh walk until he reach Tomb.He see two sword on a grave.Just after see his brother sword on there he couldn't control himself. He shout so loud that everyone cover their ears.
He punch to ground and shout again.He remain on his kneels for some minutes then stand up and get a big bottle of ale and sit next to his brother grave.
Soroosh sprinkle ale on grave.Then drink most of his bottle,With a sad noice say:
Drink,Lets get drunk.Like always....You leave me alone in this world without saying goodbye? Now what i must do? huh? Now what should i do? Do you have someone in other world that you prefer to go there?
Soroosh take a deep sigh and say:
I know you was stubborn but that you didn't accept doctor was alot.You never change and never afraid what others think.This was one of your best things.Thing that make me follow you in first.Great warrior of north,Duncan the Black.Thing that make other feel scared.You are one of greatest man i ever see.I never won't forget you.You will remain in my both heart and brain.
Soroosh get another bottle and drink it.He was sad,His heart was full of pain and his mind was full of memory.The memory of days that he meet Duncan and fight by his side.Drink with him,laugh with him.He stand up and get to front of Duncan tomb and say:
You was greatest warrior that i meet in world.Best man i ever meet.I will promise you i will get strong like you.
Soroosh turn around and walk but before leave there completely turn to tomb amd say:
Keep a place for me near yourself in other world.Like before even in end of hell always togheter
Then turn again and leave.Just after get to street he turn back and tell Garreth:
Get my cart to Training grounds.For other month i will just train. I can't go to my brother with a weak body.
He smile and get his way to training grounds. That day he become like his name again a Wanderer Gryphon.
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Isabella Este

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Re: RP-Wanderer Gryphon Story
« Reply #4 on: 23 March, 2014, 04:25:54 AM »
Isabella had known Sir Soroosh Khakshoor in the Byzantines battlefields.

Although he was a warrior from the rough ways , he was very friendly with her and had even gone to the rescue when she found herself in trouble in the clash she had with some militia enemies.

She had  come back to Urbino from few weeks  when  the news that the Regent of Savoy, Duncan Hamilton, had suddenly died  reached her.
She knew the close link between  King Hamilton and  Soroosh . They were brothers and so she imagined how painful the news for  Soroosh was.
She thought to send  him a scroll

To the Guard Captain
of the Savoy Kingdom
Sir Soroosh Khakshoor

Our friend,
I heard the news of the death of your brother, King Duncan and I wanted to express to you our closeness at this time of great sadness and pain.
You have to know that the ancient Gods will accompany him in another sphere where he will be given serenity that can no longer enjoy in this land.
To you, our friend , we reach out for anything that might be useful to overcome the anger and the sorrow for the loss you have suffered .
With sincere condolences

Isabella Este
Duchess of Urbino

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" Il mio segreto è una memoria che agisce a volte per terribilità"