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« on: 27 January, 2014, 03:02:28 AM »
26-Jan-1314, 21:59:19 While raiding your region the soldiers did set fire Middle East Mystic Church - Mystical Temple CAIRO!

Some people must understand the meaning of that word.
What exactly did you expect I'm wondering...
You blackmailed a friend and an ally...
You cursed Pagan Lands...
You tried to destroy our temples...
You spead lies trying to provoke war...
You threat that the next King of Cairo is somebody Attavila... A person who has not spill a drop of blood for the Kingdom...
And after all that you are wondering why we are here and we sack your unholy buildings...
And after all those behaviors instead of stand up and face the consequences of your actions you try to call others to help you and save you from the mess bring upon by YOUR LEADER and his egoist behavior...
You are pathetics beeings that their "Almighty" couldn't save themselves by the "Heretics" Pagans.
Now all you can rot in your corner thinking twice before you insult and hurt someone who gave you home, shelter and food...
Ingratitude is a word that we will study next time....

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Re: [CRP]Consequences...
« Reply #1 on: 06 February, 2014, 06:17:55 PM »
He spent very little time and thanks to the infinite finances Primodor times were rebuilt.

Wasted effort for you heathens Byzantines, Ottomans and infidels of all kinds.

The power of Primodor in the Middle East goes into more of your raids.
The power that has been granted to me by the very land on your conscience is stronger than the godless.

In the name of the most high and supreme lord!

I forgive you, I forgive you heathens without faith, because you have done your spirit is devoid of faith into the great.

That the Almighty can one day open your minds and convert the right way.

The mystical church is strong, firm and increase its faithful in every corner of the globe.

I forgive you.

Passò poco tempo e grazie alle infinite finanze del Primodor i Templi abbattuti furono ricostruiti.

Fatica sprecata per voi pagani Bizzantini,ottomani e infedeli di vario genere.

Il potere del Primodor in medio oriente va più in la delle vostre scorribande.
Il potere che mi è stato concesso dall'altissimo sulla terra è più forte delle vostre coscienze senza dio.

In alto il nome dell'altissimo e supremo signore!

Io vi perdono,vi perdono pagani senza fede,avete agito perchè il vostro spirito è privo di fede nell'altissimo.

Che l'onnipotente un giorno possa aprire le vostre coscienze e convertirvi alla giusta via.

La chiesa mistica è forte,salda e aumenterà i suoi fedeli in ogni angolo del globo.

Io vi perdono.
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