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« on: 23 January, 2014, 01:59:34 PM »

The following to inform all the Theological followers and the atheists resident in the western northern Kingdoms that the Kingdom of Flanders has made available the region of Artois for those affected by the plague. 

There you can find a tavern to rest and a market. The cure will be given in Brugge by the priest upon personal call, so wait there until you won't be called.

To reach Artois by land don't use the fast track of Brugge to avoid the spreading of the desease; to reach Artois by sea, please land in Boulogne and than move east.

Please inform me, Monsignor Galvano Chiaramonte and priest Roger di Borgia about your arrival.

Thank you

All the Best
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Re: Plague
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Brothers and sisters,

i confirm the communication of our King and i ask you to wait for your turn.
 Our priest, Roger di Borgia, is coming here in Brugge and today he begins to take care all of infects.

We need 4 - 8 hour to cure one person. So you have to be patience.

For our followers is important to pray because we need faith against the evil.

I thank you every man and woman who help during these hard days.

We are flemish.
We fight, we win.

Theos bless you,