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Sacred edict
« on: 23 January, 2014, 02:12:58 AM »
Cairo 24-01-1314

We Kayafa Bar Kocba we enact the following decree, concerning the decree launched by the King Meffistoe Lannister.
By the powers vested in me, and with the will of the Most High Almighty: I urge all the faithful who adhere all'anathema I launched days ago, not to cooperate in any activities of the kingdom Mameluk, until the edicts launched by the regency not will be removed.
Care will be guaranteed to all citizens of the faithful, except for atheists, which must first be baptized and repent of a life devoid of God and faith.
I urge every believer to always fight every heresy, because the prophet says Ahmed clear: Fight the infidels, enemies of the faith.

We kayafa Bar Kochba we came to this earth to bring the words of the Almighty, and if anyone thinks he is above the will of his god will perish without forgiveness.

Pray or children of faith, pray, because one day you will have to sacrifice yourself to reach heaven, where there are virgins and rivers of honey waiting for you.

Call her Excellency Meffistoe Lannister to remove the edicts issued against him by the church, to give way to relax the tense atmosphere