Author Topic: [Tratado] Aliança entre os Reinos de Portugal e Flandres  (Read 1063 times)

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[Tratado] Aliança entre os Reinos de Portugal e Flandres
« on: 19 January, 2014, 04:52:55 AM »
Today, January 15th 1314, gathered in council in this city of Brugge the Queen of Portugal, Freyia Varano, and the King of Flanders, Harald Magnusson, agreed and established the following Treaty of Alliance between the two Kingdoms.

Article I - Legal Agreement

1. Justice

The citizens of the signatory Kingdoms who violate the laws that apply in a given region under guardianship of one of the Kingdoms, will be trialed by the local magistrate pursuant to applicable laws of the relevant Kingdom. No one could be prosecuted for religious beliefs or race.

2. Freedom of movement

The citizens of the signatory Kingdoms have free passage through the regions under the control of all Kingdoms.
The citizens of the signatory Kingdoms can stay in a region under the control of one of the Kingdoms, provided that they respect the local laws and not causing uproar among locals.

3. Disputes

Disputes arising from this agreement shall be settled by an independent court, where both undersigned agree. His judgment is final and unquestionable.

Article II - Economic Agreement

1. Freedom of trade

The citizens of the signatory Kingdoms can freely trade in each region under the control of one of the Kingdoms, with respect to the local trade laws and local merchants.

2. Exploitation of natural resources

2.1 The citizens of the signatory Kingdoms are free to mine the natural resources in the regions under the control of one of the Kingdoms. But limits the mining to one citizen of the Kingdom who does not have the control over the region with the raw material to mine.

2. 2 Before a citizen of one of the signatory Kingdoms may gather resources within the other Kingdom borders, the Regent or the Vassal of the other Kingdom where the citizen of the non-controlling Kingdom of the region wants to gather resources, must be informed and agree with the mining.

Article III-Military Agreement

1. Natives

The signatory Kingdoms will give each other military support to conquer independent regions led by natives.

2. Respect

The Signatory Kingdoms respect each other's sovereignty and will not attempt to capture a region under the control of the other Kingdom, or attempt to turn itself on or go to commit a coup in the other Kingdom.

3. Revolt

If one of the Regents of the signatory Kingdoms will be overthrown by a revolt, the signatory Kingdom will give him immediate military support to regain the throne moving war to the usurper.

4. Defence

The signatory Kingdoms are bound to give all the military, economic and financial support to defend each other territories against any given attack or raid.

5. Attack

The signatory Kingdoms are not bound to give military support during attacks made by one of the Kingdoms; the only bound is to give all the economic and financial support possible at the time given.

Article IV- Right to Learn


Citizens of the signatory Kingdoms are free to follow courses at the Academy of the other Kingdom or to follow the training camp of the other Kingdom, for a contribution of 1 sc / h.

Article V- Breach of the Treaty


1.1 The finding of an infringement on one of the articles mentioned in the present Convention by one of the signatory Kingdoms, leads to an immediate termination of this Convention to the detriment of the Kingdom which committed the breach

1.2 Kings are contractually obliged to respect present treaty. Ignoring any of the articles in this Convention frees the other party of his commitment.

1.3 Heirs of the Kings or Successors can continue present Convention. Negotiate a new treaty or modify the present one.

1.4 Cancellation of present Convention shall be communicated by letter to the other reigning King by the Regent himself. A publication of this cancellation of present Convention will be done in the RP forum.

2. Review

A full or partial rewriting of the treaty or even its cancellation can be decided by mutual consent.

O Tratado foi assinado a 15 de Janeiro de 1314 pelos Reis Freyia Varano (por Portugal) e Harald Magnusson (pela Flandres).

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