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[ORP] The Surprise of His Life (Saga of Fergus Waverly)
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Fergus the bastard sat along in the middle of Scotland.  He reflected on his lowly status and his poor excuse for a life.  He hadn't any idea of his upbringing as he was abandoned as a baby to a poor highland couple.  His early life consisted of work, work, and more more.  Fergus did manage to befriend an elderly neighbor who taught him rudimentary reading, writing, and maths.
Since leaving home, Fergus had been from one end of Scotland to the other (really from pub to pub) and was widely seen as a vagrant, beggar, minor criminal, and not legitimate.
One fine winter afternoon, Fergus was approached, where else, in the tavern in Lothian, by a fine dressed man who spoke with a definite non Scottish accent.  Fergus looked upon this man as a target of a minor robbery or perhaps as a target of one of the endless games of chance  Fergus was known for.  (No real chance is these games as Fergus always won). 
The man approached Fergus and with a noble bearing asked "which one of you Scottish scum is Fergus Waverly?" 
Not understanding that the man was looking for him, Fergus kept sizing him up for the
"You, man, is your name Fergus?"
Fegus replied,  "yes, it is, what of it?"
The man sat down beside him and became to tell a tale.  "Fegus, your name is Waverly.  You are the son of the recently departed King of Saxony, Titpon Waverly.  You cannot know that His Majesty was your father and even though you didn't know him, he knew you.  Remember that man who tutored you, he sent reports to King Tipton.  His description of you leaves not doubt as to who you are or who your father was."
For the first time in his life Fergus was dumbstuck.  He asked the man, "Does that mean I'm to be King Fergus I of Saxony."
"No,"  the man replied, "you are a bastard, a bastard cannot inherit the throne of a legitimate prince."  "However," the man continued "you are now the proud owner of all the worldly possessions of his dear departed Majesty."  You have his ancestral home in Lothian, which has been cleaned and prepared for you.  The bakery had been destroyed, but the hut remained." 
"Fergus, you will find it filled with the mortal possessions of your father.  Use them well."
Fegus couldn't believe what he heard.  He asked the man "you have got to be kidding me.  No way I'm the son of a King."

To be continued in the Saga of Fergus Waverly pt.  2)

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(RIP) Fergus Waverly

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[ORP] The Surprise of His Life (Saga of Fergus Waverly pt. 2)
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Fergus could not believe what he heard.  He was the son of a king.  He began to hear the story of how his father had been the leader of Clan Waverly.  His father Tipton had lived in a small hut and had a well known bakery that provided bread for Scotland in its early days.  His father had been a contemporary of Bruce, Avi, Danius, and Sandy.  He moved away to seek more opportunity in Saxony and eventually rose to the throne.
After the news was delivered, Fergus was handed a sealed letter from his father.
It read.

Dear Son,
Please forgive me for not contacting you earlier.  This is perhaps the biggest regret in my life.  Understand, though, that I have been following your exploits and have had contact with others in Scotland about you.  When I left, no one in Scotland knew that you were my son.  I found a nice childless couple to care for you for what I thought would be a few short years.  Alas, those turned into many years with no contact.  I did provide you with your former tutor and made sure that you received some education.  I kept saying that I would contact you one day and bring you to Saxony. 
My legacy to you is a vast amount of property and possessions.  Enough that you should be able to live comfortably for the rest of your days.  Enough that you should choose a life of service to Scotland and its people.  You are now the Head of Clan Waverly an ancient family.  You must take this duty seriously.  I expect that you will serve your nation and king in a manner most fitting the son of a king.
I also leave you with one caution.  Beware those around  you.  Make trusting people difficult.  Don't let others lead you down false paths.  Watch those who serve you.  They can turn on you instantly.  Be careful who you reward, they can reward you back with treachery and disloyalty.  Hold your friends close.  Saxony has always held the Scots most dear and Denmark equally.
Seek out those to help you from those that I trust, Avi, Bruce, and Duarte de Lisboa.  Duarte would be your friend.  Also, you are a business partner of his and you don't even know it.  Lithuania is also a land of help if needed. 
Beware Saxony and its new leadership.  They proved disloyal and unworthy of trust.  While you still have some property in Bremen, walk carefully there to retrieve your possessions.
When you are older, you may call upon those leaders of Saxony.  When you call, make that call loud and without a doubt.  YOU ARE THE SON OF TITPON WAVERLY.  Let no man forget that.  If you decided to seek revenge on those who were disloyal to your father, you have friends who will help. 
Before my death, I put into place some personal agreements and guarantees with very old and very dear friends that pledged to help you if ever the need to avenge your father.
However, don't let revenge eat your soul.  Seek peace in all things. Saxony was built upon peace and not war.  That is the legacy of you father.
My son, once again, never let anyone forget that you are a Scot, the son of a King, and duty bound to serve.

Your father

See what happens when Fergus discovers exactly what his inheritance is in the next installment.

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Re: [ORP] The Surprise of His Life (Saga of Fergus Waverly pt. 2)
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My dear Fergus,

you might not know me, and frankly I don't know you either, but I did know the man who, to all appearances, was your biological father. And even though I am slowly starting to learn that I did not know him as much as I always thought I did, I still feel the urge to share with you what modest experiences I was allowed to make serving as your father's Chancellor.

To my shame I have to admit that I was not aware of his state of health until it was too late...
And I also have to admit that I only learned about your existence from a letter from your adoptive parents, which I found between your fathers paperwork in the Royal Palace of Bremen, right next to the casket that contained the last 46 silver coins your father had left behind!
You will find these remaining coins enclosed to this letter for they evidently belong to you as well...

Now, your father always was a noble and caring man. He was almost like a father to me, too!
It was like him teaching me how to swim, when he gave me that good pat on the back and shoved me out there to find my own way and make my own mistakes.
Eventually, like every other day or such, when everything seemed desperate, he'd even answer to my crying, telling me everything was gonna be alright...

But that was long before his health deteriorated!
One could virtually watch it getting harder and harder for him to make a decision. Until, at some point near the end, those vital decisions were merely postponed until they finally were forgotten.
Then, during his last few weeks, his condition ultimately became so severe that he was only capable of leaving the bed once a week and struggle to his feet.
Believe me, my poor boy, it was not a pretty sight!

But like I mentioned earlier, he was a caring person!
He cared about your well-being so much and that you will have it good and enjoy life in abundance that he put everything else back. Everything!
His own personal dreams, his cravings and desires, even his country and people.

I share your sorrow and mourning, young fellow, I shall miss him, too!
I still remember some of the last words he sent me, if I may:

Titpon Waverly:
[...] Just trying to let you and the others go your own way as easily and quickly as possible so as to not prolong things.

I've given a couple of years as King of Saxony and it is time to let others become the king.

You should have a good foundation to do the job because I've let you do much on your own anyway and tried to help when necessary. So, it is almost like I've prepared you for this move anyway.

Also, I think that I have a number of opportunities in Scotland that I need to pursue fairly quickly.

But things are what they are and we'll have to learn to move on.
He will always be remembered for who he was!
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(RIP) Fergus Waverly

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Re: [ORP] The Surprise of His Life (Saga of Fergus Waverly pt. 2)
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Part 2.5 of the Saga of Fergus Waverly (thanks to Marius for playing along with this) :) :) :) :) :)

Fergus coudn't believe what was happening to him.  First, a letter from his father a King, now a letter from another King, and one bearing silver.  How could he be so lucky?

But wait, wasn't this one of the people who drove his father to his death?  This is not just any King, but the new King of Saxony.  The one who now sits upon his father's throne.  A throne that should be his, illegitimate or not.

Fergus has to ponder this for a time.   Perhaps its time to contact those who his father trusted to ask for advise and counsel.  Perhaps...but not now.  Now is a time for celebrating and spending some of that drink on good wine, good ale, and other pleasures.