Author Topic: (CRP) Letters from the traveling king: Journey to the (Far) East  (Read 1189 times)

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(CRP) Letters from the traveling king: Journey to the (Far) East
« on: 11 December, 2013, 03:09:44 AM »
David's trusted steward Oscar enters the royal library, holding onto David's latest letter posted back from the East. Since a few days ago, David has embarked upon his Journey to the Far East in search of the presence and inspiration of the Goddess Batiara - it was rumoured that Marco Polo found divine traces of the goddess in Japan.


The first letter came back from Walachia:

Dear reader, for I do not know whether I will survive the journey back to Savoy from the Far East, nor whether it will go to my steward Oscar,

I wrote this in the cold jungles of Walachia, where I tried to locate the very place where the most revered Primicerius Andrastos Emilian II received divine inspiration from the Pagan gods.

I traveled here from Venice I was torn by the emotions that once accompanied my time in Venice, and after meeting a few friends there, some of whom were from Austria, I received news about latest developments in the country. Some good news, some bad news - but all news not mine nor are they new. If I may say so, with my new found enlightenment from my pagan worship, all of the world's happenings are but repeats of the past, and the future will always be like the past. Nothing is new, nothing is old. I am detached.

Arriving in Walachia, I deliberately shied away from meeting old good friends in Walachia with whom I have shared countless memories, and from whom I have received infinite grace. King Ionut, Primicerius Andrastos and the like. As I make my way past Bulgaria, I will similarly take the forest roads and not visit the glory of King Hector or Lord Matija. Great friends whose names I will carry on my shoulders to Japan, I will not forget to pray for their eternal glory. But I must refrain from meeting them now. For the sins I bear from my past, and the darkness of my gloom will tarnish the very ground on which they stand. The clouds are gathering and I must seek the power of Goddess Batiara.

I must recount a most curious happening when I finally found the very source of inspiration of the Pagan religion. It was confirmed by one of children (a girl with her baby brother) of the villagers who lived nearby, telling me that her elders come to this very spot to pray to the gods. When I was kneeling in prayer, flashes of the near future came to me, and I could see a group of valiant knights wearing different colours slaying a hydra. It was very shocking and I believe it has something to do with Savoy's infamous hydra that lives in the forest near Chalons. When I return to Savoy I will instruct my knights to wear different colours and march to Chalons to rid the infamy. The gods will ensure the success.

As I was leaving however, I saw a monkey attacking the girl. It was obvious to me that the girl was trained in dealing with the dangers of the jungle, and was carrying onto a bow. The monkey was foolish, and with my heavy heart I wanted to chase the monkey away. However, I was too far away and the girl killed the monkey with her bow and arrows. I sighed, this is what happens when people overestimate their own abilities - a fatal end.

I must walk, and I will continue to write. Goddess Batiara please forgive my sins, and improve my being.