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Sacred forest was filled with people. In the shade of centuries-old oaks, holy flames burned bright illuminating the small clearing. Squads of soldiers armed from head to toe surrounded this place. All came to witness sacred union between the gods and the new king of Lithuania. Budrys came dressed in steel armor ornate with silver carvings and ermine fur coat red like a flame he came to visit this evening. New sovereign wielded naked long two-handed sword. Just as sun started to set Budrys faced fire and raised his arms into the air, his voice ripped through deadly silence of twilight:

-In the face of Gods and Men. I Budrys do solemnly swear to give my strength, wisdom and blood for Lithuania!

One quick motion and kings left palm cross through the sword blade. Warm blood dropped on holy ground of Lithuania. King was one with his land.

I swear to uphold customs and traditions of our ancestors and to give my sword in defence of the Gods

Budrys put bloody sword into sacred fire. Burned its blade hot. Then raise it for every one to see that Gods have choose the King to be defender of all that is  right

I swear to be the father of my peoples, to love justice and despise wickedness.

Budrys shoved his sword into scabbard and turned to the crowd. Old priest high guardian of the secret flame came forth carrying a crown. Without a word he put crown at Budrys feet and step backwards. Last remains of of sunlight was gone only sacred flames provided light. In deadliest silence Budrys took the crown and raised it above the head.

Budrys! Budrys! Budrys!

Crowds cheered as crown slowly reached Kings head

Long Live The King! Long Live The King! Long Live The King!

Thousands voices sounded as one. Then everyone fell on their knees. Only one figure stood in solemn brightness of the flames
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