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A new arrival
« on: 23 July, 2013, 09:20:10 PM »
Giulia was quite ready to leave again, to Venice.
Everything was going well, the new Guard captain  had been appointed and his return to Andernach from Brugge really imminent.
Already in the courtyard,  beside her horse, she asked a guard to call Sir Andries to give him some instructions concerning Sir Bartolomeo.

"I'm leaving. Is all under control in the fief, Sir Andries?", she asked to the elder captain not seeing a completely calm expression on his face.

"Sir Orso informed me about the possibility of some presences  in Koln region, Milady.... but he simply referred to an unusual uneasiness of his peregrine falcon .....", he said thinking back to the strange story that had been told him just before.

Giulia smiled ironically and said, "Even if unusual, I have full confidence in Sir Orso ability  to see beyond his own sight thanks to Hela.
Go check it out with some men, Sir Andries, being on the alert, but without prejudices.
If you meet someone and he will inspire confidence advise him about Mistress Triskele inn for have some rest and some food. Many men talk in front of a good beer, as you well know"

That said, she mounted and spurred her horse, "No, Sir Andries, this time no escort, please....", she added with a silvery laugh, already looking forward to the pleasure of her imminent journey.

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