Author Topic: (ORP) The Savoyard Statue of Batiara the Pagan Goddess of Mercy  (Read 1335 times)

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(ORP) The Savoyard Statue of Batiara the Pagan Goddess of Mercy
« on: 20 November, 2013, 03:00:37 AM »

David walks to the river right beside the Red Tower, where he placed the life-sized statue of Batiara - the Goddess of Mercy, and allows his memory to jog...


During his days of meditation in the woods, he meditated upon the issues of divine providence and the role of the pagan gods. Whenever he left the woods for battle he made sure that his seneschals brought him the latest books from Eastern Europe where the pagan leaders resided, and letters from Brian the holy priest of the Pagan religion who was also helping with the management of Savoy.

During one of his intense moments of meditation after fasting for 7 days, the Goddess Batiara appeared to him and revealed some of the world's deepest secrets to David. He remembers Batiara saying something to the effect of "Your world is dark and dangerous. Everywhere touched by the hand of the Alexander the hero is seems to be so. But mercy will allow that this curse be lifted, by light from further East. Venture there and seek the knowledge of Mercy that I have given to them."

Following that deep revelation, David was very confused, and indeed until three days ago he did not know what to do. But upon returning to the Red Tower 3 days ago, he found a new knowledge that gave him a direction.

David has no memory of exactly what happened, but next thing he knew, he was kneeling down, praying to the statue of Batiara. The royal chief attendant Oscar recollected to David that he spent the last 24 hours in a state of trance, first running to the Savoie stone mine and digging out a magnificent piece of stone with a strange glow, and then using his bare hands crafted the statue of Batiara. With a newfound strength David was unstoppable and the military men and woman were away surveying military preparations. None of the palace attendants slept the whole time, and all the holy pagan priests of Savoy were summoned to pray for David. (Brian was away too).

Thus from the king's bare hands and brute force, the statue of Batiara was born.

While having his hands wrapped by the doctors, one of the Savoyard pagan leaders proclaimed to David that the statue of Batiara may become a miracle statue. The special circumstances around which it was made and fashioned meant that it could have medicinal and spiritual powers. She predicted that every European seeking mercy from the gods will come to Savoy and pay respects to this statue.


David looks down at his healing hands and thinks about the curious knowledge that set him into the trance -


It was a letter and a parcel from a friend in Venice, Alto Cerci, whom David knew from the days when he trained at the Fighting School of Venice. Alto had sent David a translation of Marco Polo's "Livres des merveilles du monde" that allowed David to read the contents. David had heard of the interesting accounts of Marco Polo, but when he read in detail what Marco Polo wrote about religion in the Far East, David was reminded of the words of the Goddess Batiara. "...mercy will allow that this curse be lifted, by light from further East. Venture there and seek the knowledge of Mercy that I have given to them".

David realised from the writings that the Far East has a similar Goddess of Mercy and it suddenly occurred to him that perhaps Batiara went there too, and left behind writings, knowledge and insights into the knowledge of the gods! That was the point went David's trance began, and he really only found out after he returned to his desk and found the page that he was last reading.


David looked up to the statue of Batiara, and prayed, "Goddess Batiara, have mercy on me and Savoy. I will go to the Far East and bring the light back to Europe." With this resolve David kissed the foot of the statue and turned to prepare for the journey.