Author Topic: The Royal House of Savoy and it's Nobility  (Read 1372 times)

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The Royal House of Savoy and it's Nobility
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Greetings people of Savoy!

I have the pleasure to announce and introduce you to the hierarchy of the Nobility of Savoy. You likely already know these historic men as they have lead us to countless victory in battle for years. They have established themselves as valuable members and defenders of the realm. They have been awarded with lands and titles commensurate with their achievements.

King James I Balliot
Leader of the nation since April of 1311. Under his leadership Savoy has been transformed from a plague ridden wasteland into one of the strongest nations in all of Europe. He rules over all of Savoy and her territories.

Prince Cronan Balliot
The famed brother of James I has lived in Savoy since June of 1311 and has served the realm ever since through two pan-european wars and countless government appointments both domestic and international. He is the heir to the throne of Savoy.

Duke of Provence - Himbertus Degarda
Himbertus' contributions in military, economic, and political matters know no equal. One of the leaders of the Barbarian Invasion of July 1311, he rules the land of Florence as King but also rules over our country's second city within the Duchy of Provence.

Duke of Narbonne - Uberto Carpegna
Uberto has traveled the world with Regal appointments in Valencia and Lithuania along with administrative appointments in Rome, Florence, and Savoy on his resume. Despite his lack of skill with a sword, he is a warrior of deeds and action. Uberto rules over the budding Duchy of Narbonne in the far southwest of our realm.

Count of Chambery - Eike Repgow
The "Black Judge", Eike Repgow knows few equals in battle. One of the original leaders in Savoy, he was born in Germany but recruited to fight alongside James I and the Savoy Patriots upon their campaign against the former government. He rules over the area of the Province of Savoie known as Old Chambery, the ancient area of the city.

Count of Valais - Pierre Moutarde
This native born Savoyard joined the Savoy Patriots and has been one of the most fierce defenders of the realm ever since. His prowess with a longsword and his skill in smithing has earned him rule over the strategic iron province of Valais and hereafter his title holds the monicker of "Count Red Steel of Valais".

Viscount of Dauphine - Aegis Rex
The longtime Vassal of Chambery and Savoie is also one of the original Savoy Patriots. As part of the Army's High Command, his calculated and strategic thought has famously won Savoy many a battle it may have otherwise lost. Viscount Rex holds Savoy's military region of Dauphine-Vennois under his command.

Baron of Nice - Oskar Balliot
A distant cousin of James I, Oskar came from the steppes of Asia to join the other Barbarians in their emigration to Savoy in 1311. Songs have been sung of his supreme heroics in such Alpine battles as Schwyz and Lombardia. His unrelenting attacks have some wondering if he should be called the Baron of Nice or perhaps more aptly the Baron of "Notzo" Nice.

The Baron of Forcalquier - Duncan Hamilton
This quiet emigrant from the British Isles has become one of the most infamous and feared men in Europe. Known equally well for his epic thirst for battle as for his voluminous thirst for ale and spirits. Whether one lives or dies in his presence is often determined by how well his appetites have been quenched in either or both. He rules the Province of Forcalquier as his domain.

The Baron of Marseille - Caiohound Balliot
Another cousin from the frozen north who traveled south in the Barbarian Invasion, Caiohound is always hungry for a fight, in fact legends say that he is descended from a clan of Viking Cannibals who would bury the bones of their victims in the back-yard of land from their dwellings. He rules the strategic Port of Marsielle in the south of Savoy as overlord.

The Baron of Avignon - Septimus Balliot
The seventh Balliot kinsman to be recorded as dwelling in Europe followed along with the Barbarian Invasion in 1311. This stalwart defender of Savoy, fears no one in battle but the Gods. If only his slow as molasses horse would feel the same. His lands include the historic town of Avignon where Pope Leone Gregorio I was held captive for a time during the Italic Wars of 1312.