Author Topic: Public Notice of Selection of Director & Assistent of Konstantinoupolis Academy  (Read 1012 times)

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Public Notice of Selection of Director and Assistent of Konstantinoupolis Academy

Citizens of Byzantion and Emperial Commonwealth,
The Senatus of the Kingdom look for one Director and one Assistent for Academy f Konstantinoupolis.

The Director will manage the Academy as the signs of the regent; he cannot use money from Academy for his self; he must keep accounting for reimbursements decided by the regent;
the role will be for 3 month from the start of job and, at any time he may be temporarily removed to inspect the records of the Academy.
requirements: 12 points of intelligence, honesty, active presence.

The Assistent will collaborate with Director to manage academy and to write keep accounting.
not special requirements need, only active presence.

This Pubblic Notices of Requirement will close in 3 days from the date of pubblication.
in the 9th may 1313
The Regent
Michael Isauricos