Author Topic: A message for the King of Denmark  (Read 1042 times)

(RIP) Rasmus Hedegaard I

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A message for the King of Denmark
« on: 04 April, 2013, 05:22:05 PM »

In the name of Teos, the Father Almighty and Merciful, We Rasmus, first with this name of the family Hedegaard, Grand Duke of Lituania and King of Vilnius, we rely on our great friend and King of Denmark, Richard II Oxenstierna.

Lituania is experiencing a time of profound crisis. We have no goods, nor resources, and our capital Vilnius is totally uninhabited, with difficulty we can count about 3-4 healthy citizens.

With this act of ours ask the Danish Protectorate on the Grand Duchy of Lituania, so that no one can take advantage of our weakness and appropriate what is ours.

The Grand Duchy of Lituania, however, will remain an independent kingdom, but of course we will facilitate the policy of the Danish and Nordic League.

We reassure the world stating that Vilnius is open to all, there are no distinctions of skin, religion and sex.

Soon Lituania will have a Corp of Laws that govern the lives of citizens and non-residents.

I take this opportunity to remind all citizens of Europe that Lituania is willing to pay the total amount for the change of residence if someone fissured willing to move to Vilnius, in addition you will have all the economic and political support needed to open your own business and create a commercial fabric in north-eastern Europe.
In addition there are roles to be filled, so if you want to have the important political roles do not hesitate to come to Vilnius.

Best regards

Rasmus Hedegaard I
Gran Duke of Lituania
King of Vilnius
Baron of Viken

King of Lithuania

(RIP) Richard II Oxenstierna

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Re: A message for the King of Denmark
« Reply #1 on: 05 April, 2013, 04:16:17 PM »
Sjaelland, V-IV-MCCCXIII

My dear friend,

I am glad of the news I bring you this message. I am glad that finally the Lituania has found a ruler worthy of the name and especially the moral character you have.

Your request is a request that a good King would do to protect his people and all that he is entitled.

We, Richard II Oxenstierna, by the grace of Teos King of Denmark and the Danes, Lord of Sweden and Norway, we agree to protect in every way POSSIBLE (but giving priority to diplomacy) Lituania, its people and its territory.

My friend, I will soon be in Vilnius, we will sit at a table and talk about the situation in Lituania.

My greetings
Richard II Oxenstierna
King of Denmark
Lord of Sweden and Norwey
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