Author Topic: [ORP]The Journey to the Hearth of Europe  (Read 6714 times)

(RIP) Jjah Virilis

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Re: [ORP]The Journey to the Hearth of Europe
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- Sir Andries is at your disposal for any further need - said Duchess
- I don’t think I will need him - said angry Jjah. He was trying to hide it, but he was mad on this “slave” who disturbed him. Again. - If Your Grace, doesn’t need me, we will meet in a hour. - said displeased, but with as good smile as he could do right now.

Jjah went back to his chamber. There he found Petrek. So good Jjah lost sir Andreas, now he could give an order without bigger problems.
- Go to these morons in the Stable. Hope they feel better! Now I need to find out a reason why they won’t go with us on hunting.. any idea.. would be.. welcome - said more to himself that to Petrek.
- Brave polish warrior doesn’t use guards in hunting.. - said Petrek more to sir Virilis, than to himself
- Think.. I know.. what for are guards on hunting?! HA! - said happy Jjah - what are you doing here still?! Didn’t we give you the order?! - thanksgiving from Jjah’s mouths weren’t sound so good.. but it was sincerely thanking.
- yes, sir! - said happy Petrek. Again he helped to his lord.

In a hour Jjah was at the Rhine gate. Ok, it was little later. But it wasn’t  his fault that he couldn’t chose a shirt, best for hunting and enough good to show himself to Her Grace. He, Petrek and one polish guardian (now in civil clothes) were ready to begin a hunting.