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A song to friends - ORP
« on: 10 November, 2012, 09:54:49 PM »
Serge was finally finished polishing the new armor for Bertrand, he hoped this time his work would be
approved by his master, he had been polishing since the morning.

Tomorrow is a glorious day, Bertrand shouted as he kicked the door open.
Giving the new armor a quick look.
I suppose that have to do for now, pick it up we are going to the forest.

Serge smiled with relief, then became suddenly surprised
The forest Sir? Are the enemies coming?

Don't be silly lad, we are going out in the forest to hide.

Hide Sir, from whom? Serge's mouth was wide open in surprise.

From the peasants of course, don't ask so many stupid questions, just pick up the armor and come.

Outside it was evening, the full moon was up, it was beginning to get dark.
The peasants has just returned home from their long day of work. Bertrand was running quickly from the corner of each house
to the next. giving his squire a sign that it was safe to come.
Serge ran as fast he could still wondering the meaning of all this.
be quiet! try not to make so much sound with the armor, if anyone sees us, all this will be for nothing!

After a while they got to the edge of the forest, and Bertrand seemed more relaxed.
Now you make a fire and then you keep watch over the armor until I return.
Remember this task I now give you is very very important, you must not loose the armor, if someone comes, you kill him!
no matter who it is! Understand.

Understood sir, if someone comes I kill them!

Well, not anyone of course,  If the King comes, obviously you don't kill then.
Yes sir, I will do my best Sir.

Good, and don't fall asleep!
Bertrand walked off.

At the break of the new day, Bertrand returned to the camp site.
Serge was very tired after having stayed watch all the night, but could report no sign of anyone during the night.

Good, all is going according to plan.
I want to try it on.

Yes sir.

Bertrand held out his arms and waited for the squire to put on his new suit.

It all took a long while to put on the full plate, while Bertrand was waiting, his mind wandered off.

Such a glorious day, such glorious events, now I am back where I belong among friends of the kingdom.
Nay! Comrades of the Kingdoms, the Nobles! not the filth of the low anymore!
Such glory! finally I have the armor, finally I can fight!
Battles.. Blood.. Chopping of limbs.. Nay! Chopping of heads!
How nice it would be, how many will perish under my weapon, hmm, hundreds.. Nay! Thousands!
They will scream for mercy, oh the screams.. the blood, such glory!

He snapped out of his daydream when the lad said. There! how does it feel Sir.

It feels.. glor...hmm! It feels adequate. I will take a walk now, come along.

With the full plate and the helmet with feather finally on, Bertrand grabbed the  halberd in his arm, he walked towards the center of Valencia.
The people of the city stopped for a while looking at this strange shiny walking box passing by them.

Bertrand was so proud! Finally he was close to his station in society, he felt like a nobleman again, not like a filthy peasant.
He arrived at the palace entrance, and stopped there, then made a salute to the guards, and marched back and forth in front of them.
Fellow comrades, so good to see you! I am back! I am here!
Then he suddenly turned away and marched down the street, making salutes to everyone who passed by.

The Palace guard looked at each other, one saying to the other. Who was that?
I have no Idea? Should we report it to the King? I don't know, maybe it is a test?

There you see Bertrand said, RESPECT.
Respect sir?
Yes, now they know who I am, the noblest of knights. Watch and learn lad, watch and learn.
maybe some day you can achieve the same, if you have enough honor and etiquette.

After a while marching in the heavy armor, Bertrand became tired, it was warm inside too, very warm.
Now we go home, I just got an Idea of a new song.
Yes sir

Arriving home he took off his armor and told his squire to polish it again.
Then he went to his Sister.

Sister, did you see this new knight in town.
What knight?
The knight in shining armor of course, didn't you see him?
No I was here working.. She was listening but she wasn't very interested, she had things to do.

Well, sister, that knight was Bertrand De Born! I have returned to my previous status!
What do you mean Bertrand?
I have a new armor! A full plate, everyone can see that! Bertrand is ready for battle!
Oh? thats fine Bertrand, that's fine.

Its more than fine, I feel the urge to.... sing again! Yes, I will go down to the tavern and sing a song to all the good friends!

Fill up the glass, barmaid.
She looked like the wanted to refuse him, but Bertrand just smiled at her, and said, again fill up the glass!
It must be because he has been drinking so much already.

Fellow friends, fellow comrades, now I will sing a song for you!

It is a song about friends and comrades, the song is in occitan

Bertrand cleared his voice, and started.

(OFF: here is the text of the song)
Comrades, I shall write a fitting poem,
one with more folly than sense,
all laden with love, joy and youth.
And let he be called a knave, who doesn't understand it,
or learn it, for that matter, by heart:
people who like poetry hardly part from love.
I have two horses I can saddle well and gladly
they are good and brave and fit for fighting,
and I can't keep them both because they can't stand each other.
If I could tame them as I wish,
I wouldn't take my gear elsewhere,
because I would be mounted better than anyone else.
The one is the fastest of the mountaineers
but it has been acting fiercely oddly for a long time
and it is so fierce and savage that it refuses to be bridled.
The other was reared around Confolens
and you never saw a prettier one, by my troth:
such one can't be traded for gold nor for silver.
Because I gave it to its master as a filly
but we agreed to the condition
that, if he had it for one year, I would have it for a century.
Knights, advise me about this conundrum:
-never was I [so] troubled by a choice-
I don't know which one to keep to, that of dame Agnes or that of dame Arsen.
-(De Gimel ai lo castel e-l mandamen,
E per Niol fauc ergueill a tota gen:
C'ambedui me son jurat e plevit per sagramen.
-I hold the castle of Gimel and its land,
and I boast about Nieul with everybody
since both are sworn faithful to me.