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A song to a King (ORP)
« on: 27 September, 2012, 09:50:28 PM »
Bertrand and his squire was out at sea fishing.
Bertrand was laying down in the boat, with his lute, while his Squire was patiently casting the fishing net.
The sea was silent, the only sound was Bertrand, his lute, the waves, and his song;

"Ooohh, ooooh "*pling pling pling*
"Once there was a king he could rather sing... "

Bertrand paused; and said to himself, hmm.....hmmm... Do I know if he could sing?NO!?
Lad! Be silent! I am trying to compose a song here!
"yes, sir" Serge said, beeing obedient as always.

My kinsman.. hmm hmm.. dum dum..
hum tum tum..

YES! GREAT!! I got it! Bertrand exclaimed! He stood up in the boat and shaked Serge hard!
Grab the oars lad!! we are going to the shore now!

"But sir, the fishes!"

"Fishes! Fishes! Lad, haven't I always said, One has to see the important things in life!"

"But sir, we are almost finished!"

Don't come and Sir me, lad! Who is your lord?! What is most important, a king or a fish?
and said(before Serge could answer) A KING! of course! (giving the squire a light slap on the back of his head)
Besides, there is always more fish in the sea!
"Yes sir" , Serge sighed, as he tossed the net over board, watching all the fish going down.
He patiently took the oars and rowed ashore, as Bertrand continued composing his song.

After a long while they arrived ashore.
There was still alot of fish, Serge felt the heavy load as they walked up the road.

Lad! Can't you go a little faster! We don't have time to linger by, I have important matters to take care of.
Bertrand said.
"But Sir, its so heavy"

"Heavy, no no no my lad! It is just fish!
Stones are heavy.. not fishes!"

"Haven't I told you about the squirrel, he patiently gathers all his nuts to the winter, and he never rests.
You have something to learn from the squirrel

Serge sighed, "yes Sir"

Bertrand walked in front and soon he reached their hut, where Bertrands sister waited.

"Hello Dear sister" Bertrand said.
"Today is such a great day!"
"You always say that! What do you bring today Brother" she said.
"Today.. sister.. today I bring a song to a King!"
"Hmm!" she said. "What about something to eat? we need food Bertrand!"

"Oh, food, yes.. I almost forgot.. but of course I have gathered lots of fish today, you can cook some stew for us, then when we have eaten well, we go to the palace and sing for the King!"
"Yes, but where is it!" she said, becoming more and more impatient. >:(

"The lad has it, of course." Bertrand said.

"Bertrand! you let him carry everything, can you not let the poor man have a rest!"
she said, running down the road to help poor Serge with the load.

"He is not a man yet, Bertrand said to himself, well.. not a knight anyway, it is me who carries the real burden."Bertrand said as he went to wash the off the fish smell.

After a while they ate and got ready, they practiced a little with the song and put some decent clothes on, then they
walked to the Palace.

"Lad! you still smell of fish, I am taking the drums today, go home and wash yourself again!"
"Hopless as always! Now I have to play drums!" >:(
Bertrand took the Drums from Serge, giving him a angry look

"If you have heard what I said earlier.. if you leave the fish in the sun, it will soon smell!"
"yes sir" Serge mumbled, turning around with a sad look, walking back to the hut. :'(

"See what I have to live with ::), he will never become a true and chivalrious knight!" :-\
"Bertrand! stop it, leave him alone! "his sister said.
"Alright, but he is not coming with us today! We can't have all that fish smell in the Kings Palace." :-[

Bertrand and his sister walked up the palace stairs and waited by the entrance, notifying a guard.

Tell the King, that Bertrand the Born is here, he has a lovely song for the good King of Aragorn!

Bertrand and his sister walked into the great palace hall.
There the King sat on his Throne, and some of his council was present.

Bertrand Bowed deeply.

O ' Great King
O ' Good King

You requested a poem or a song, and a song it is.

This is my sister Colette De Born, she is my singer.

This song is composed by Bertrand De Born, that is me, Bertrand said with a smile. I will play drums while my sister will sing.
We hope you like it.

It is called my sword is by your side

It goes like this

(RIP) Fabio Massimo

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Re: A song to a King (ORP)
« Reply #1 on: 28 September, 2012, 01:28:12 AM »
King Fabio listened to the song very attentive, appreciating it and the beautiful voice of Colette and the music of Bertrand.

When the music ended, King Fabio stand up and clapped his hands, followed by all the presents:

"Congratulations dear Bertrand, it's a beautiful song and I enjoyed. As your King, it will be my pleasure to offer you a small gift to thank you, and I hope that you and your sister will participate to our banquet".

A valet came with a beautiful case with silver coins inside and gave it to Sir Bertrand, while some servants were setting the big table of the Great Hall of the Palace.
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(RIP) Bertrand De Born

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Re: A song to a King (ORP)
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Bertrand bowed deeply

You honour me, by bringing gifts of coin and the offer to join you in the banquet, we will gladly accept

Both of them sat down, to eat and drink.
Bertrand whispering to his sister "didn't I say so, our Future is secured"
Her eyes seemed to get back some of the old good glow, a future of hope and prosperity.

For a moment and through the night, everything was well, everyone was happy and seemed to enjoy the festivities.