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Spiritual History of Austria
« on: 03 August, 2012, 11:39:58 PM »

Following the great floods and earthquakes which almost destroyed mankind, Batiara took the people she had hidden in the forest and scattered them as spores across Europe. Of those that Batiara lead to Austria, she took aside the elderly and instructed them in the rites that they must enact to appease Xanex. She explained to the ancients that, though the peoples of Austria must revere all gods under Xanex, they in particular were hers and must observe her rites.

The most important of these rites is the remembrance of Batiara's savior of mankind. As the ancients described, Batiara named the forest in which man was secreted as the continent of Mu. The location of this continent or if it even still exists is unknown but it is thought that Batiara created it herself. This remembrance is known as the Rites of Mu and their observation begins on the Summer solstice alongside many other rites of Xanex. The Rites of Mu continue through summer and culminate the week that the first dieing leaf of fall touches the cooling ground. As such, the date of the final rite varies yearly.

Since this day the people of Austria have kept true to the teachings of Batiara and the eldest among them hold safe her word. Though the Minister of the Austrian church leads most of the Pagan ceremonies and is responsible for the upkeep of the local shrines, the ancients are the keepers of the sacred texts and lead the Rites of Mu.

In recent times the Pagan war with the followers of the Pope to the west has concerned Batiara greatly. She has spoken with the ancients as they commune with the forest and has placed upon the Austrian people a task. We are to band together with the other Pagans to repel the corrupt followers of the Pope but we are also charged with safeguarding whatever forests we are able to spare. Batiara has warned that the devastation of such massive wars were the cause of the floods and earthquakes of old. The ancients hope that if our wars do not damage the world overmuch then perhaps we will be spared their anger.