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The Barony of Vannes
« on: 10 June, 2012, 10:59:13 PM »
Since being honoured with the title of Baroness of Vannes some while ago now, Patan had spent her time quietly working, training and travelling back and forth between her home in Avranches and her barony.  Luckily, she had managed to save enough to buy a pony, so the journey no longer took as long as it had before. 

Every few days, she loaded some supplies into her bags and then tied them to the saddle.  She mounted her small steed and set off in a south-easterly direction, travelling through the undulating lowlands of Rennes towards the hills and coastland of Vannes beyond.  At first, the road was quite clear but as she rode along it became less well-trodden until finally she was basically riding through pastureland and cultivated fields; but the more she travelled the track, the clearer it become, and both Patan and her pony grew familiar with the way.

Reaching Vannes, she headed straight for her little cottage and dismounted, giving the pony a drink and feed as she unsaddled it and rubbed it down.  Then she shut the little horse into the stable, leaving the top half of the door open so that it could see out and not feel lonely.  Dropping her bags inside the cottage, she quickly rushed out to the field at the back, to feed the small herd of cows that she had bought.  Every time she arrived, they seemed hungry, and she couldn't help but wonder whether the farm-hand she'd hired was really feeding them properly.  After a short while, though, they were all contentedly chewing the cud again while she milked them.

Usually by this time, the light was fading fast so, after a quick bite of supper, Patan would sit quietly in the evening gloom to plan the new home that she hoped to build nearby.  Although not a grand building, she hoped to make it comfortable and large enough to house visitors and perhaps a family one day.