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Visits from Italy
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Guglielmo finally arrived in the capital city of Savoie. He missed already his job (Guglielmo is an avid statistician and loves to analyze data), and he wandered how many complaining never-ending letters the Duke of Montefeltro sent him during his absence.

He brought for the King of Savoie a little picture he draw. The picture was depicting a representation of the 'Savoy Clone Army' and of course it was satirical about the 'Witch Hunt' ridicoulous history. He hoped the King liked it.

After checking that no one was nearby, he looked at it once again:

The powerful and dreaded Savoy Clone Army


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Re: Visits from Italy
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Guglielmo left Savoy in a hurry after he has been found guilty of some infractions. Luckily he managed to leave the Kingdom by hiding in the most infamous alleys. He was now in Genoa; he bought at the market some food, and took a passage on the first ship he found.

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