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{oRP) Recruitment begins
« on: 14 January, 2012, 10:37:42 PM »
The work at the Eagle's Keep were proceeding well and his presence there has been well received by the handful of people still living in the small village nearby. Their existence on this border land has  been often threatened by rogue bands of thieves and robbers lurking in the lush forests at the foot of the mountain, forcing many to leave their homes, killing others when they refused to pay up to their demands, plundering freely without fear of the law but now with the restoring of the castle keep there was hope again.

Having returned in Bordeaux, Richard hoped to recruit at least a few able bodied men to garrison the castle but also in search of possible settlers to help rebuild the village. He knew both tasks were difficult as no matter how hard life would be in a large city as Aquitaine's capital was, life on the border was even more challenging but he hoped that there were those who wished to improve their current standing and only needed a fresh start somewhere away from the busy township of Bordeaux and are willing to endure a few additional hardships in order to reach it.

Improvising a desk in the town's central market from a couple of old crates he pinned his announcement to the old oak tree under whose shade sat his makeshift office and started to voice his cause to the passers by with a loud and clear voice.

"The noble house of Howard is searching for retainers and able bodied men with interests in war for the purpose of garrisoning the Eagle's Rest Keep on Aquitaine's eastern border. Those willing to take up arms in defense of their King and of the values this realm stands for are welcomed with open arms regardless of their upbringing or social station. Those of you who join this effort will be provided with adequate housing and food as well as weapons and armor during your service to the noble house of Howard along with the opportunity to become lawful vassals of said house.
Further there is a need of settlers willing to leave Bordeaux behind in search of a better future on the border. Any farmers or craftsmen or women are welcome to join our group and will be provided with protection during the journey there and on arrival will be allotted plots of land along with temporary or permanent housing as found available."