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Foods and welfare. (Open to all)
« on: 21 May, 2020, 02:19:19 PM »
John had managed to build a nice life for himself in Carrick. With some help from good new friends and the need for new goods in the market, John had managed to get a Inn set up.  The Irish warrior Inn had been doing well with some of the best bread in town. People had come for miles to eat his freash local meat soup, irish stew and honey bread. John managed to get some new pants and goods.

After a few days, the bred stock was full. Bread was good. John decided that he needed to do some training. SO headed to the arena. There was a number of people there, all busy lifting weights, swinging swords and doing serious maneuvers.
The 23rd of May, a nice day, bit breazy. Walking to a training master, John had a word and began his training.
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