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An English Pontiff (CRP)
« on: 19 May, 2020, 06:24:19 AM »
The Journey to Rome

Centuries ago, the Theological Church sent a bishop from Rome to Kent, England. Now, a boy born and raised in Kent is making the reverse journey. The election was a humbling experience. The people had spoken, and they spoke loudly. Before one rises to the call, however, one ought first drop to the knees. It seemed wise to spend a few weeks in dedicated prayer at the chapel in London.

Without wisdom and humility, this enterprise is sure to fail. So the journey begins in the stillness of chapel. A part of that humility pressed the need for intense study, so that intermingled with the prayer sessions—proved to be quite necessary.

“Wisdom, I need wisdom. A lot of it. Let me lead these people well.” Alfred's name comes from Old English that means “Elf Counsel.” Personally, he always wondered who the “elves” really were. Best guess was that the elves were an older tribe of British inhabitants that preceded even the arrival of the Britons and Welsh. “They might be wise then...” Seek out the experienced and wise, and perhaps you might become that yourself in time. Lead with that wisdom—lead with the counsel of those who might fit those ascribed qualities of an “elf”—and you are never alone.

The day came were it was time to board the ship and retrace the path of the first Archbishop of Canterbury. The journey was long and arduous, but in due course, there it was. The Ancient City...


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