Author Topic: From Isabella to her husband Dusan  (Read 61 times)

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From Isabella to her husband Dusan
« on: 26 April, 2020, 11:34:34 AM »
Beloved husband, my love,

the distance forces me to write to you although I would have liked to be by your side to cry a few tears on your noble shoulder.
Your loving comfort in these days would have been of great help to me and your caress on my face would certainly have torn a languid smile from me.

I should have reached you in a few days, but serious events kept me here in Urbino. King Nunzio is in serious health and has announced his abdication.

The Royal Conclave met and unanimously chose Count Pico della Mirandola as his successor.
In addition to the pain for the conditions of King Nunzio, who you know have always been a dear friend as well as my Sovereign, another fact  added to fill my heart with sorrow.

My old hous in Urbino was destroyed during a fire that occurred in my absence and among other things that were lost, of which I don't care much, our marriage certificate that I kept with deep jealousy and grat honor was also lost .
Today, therefore, we are no longer married to the officialdom of the world my love and this deeply pains me.

I was hoping to find some serenity after my release, but it seems that that hour has not yet come for me.
However the news that you are once again at the Royal helm of the great Serbia makes me proud of you my beloved and placates this sadness of mine. I therefore direct you to my loving rejoicing.

In the hope of embracing you again as soon as possible, I send you my dear, my greetings together with the blessing of Deus. May the Most High guide you proudly and be the lighthouse of your Royal action.

With love

Your Isabella

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