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Re: Lost and Found
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Her words had him realize just how much she was coping with the loss of the hope she once carried to allow her to survive captivity and now even though she is free and serving her liege still she is feeling in chains to the same feelings he was sharing for her. It was real and they were next to each other while facing the painful struggle of moving to their duties and relating with each other in the more natural way they could.

Well if there is some concern on fashion in this place it would be for me to make you feel even more prettier than you are.

But since you can swing that sword in such a particular way, why don't you swing it at me for training purpose, i could use the training as well, and your absence certainly had some effect on my physical shape which i wish to recover, knowing that you were always so "active" by me side.
- The king had a nostalgic moment there seeing him and her beloved in the silk sheets in his chambers in countless hours of all sort of imaginative love being done until exhaustion.

With a brief spin he bend the cape in 2 in his arm and threw it to Lord Roberval who appears always in the key moment when needed. He slowly unsheathe his sword and stood in a more steady stance facing her beloved.

My Lady, will you honor me the clash for old times sake? En garde!

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