Author Topic: The All-Father's eye - Skane Vé  (Read 30 times)

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The All-Father's eye - Skane Vé
« on: 23 March, 2020, 09:12:05 PM »
23-03-1320 - The new Vifill of Skane

The wild and lively music calmed down, as Volothamp stood up and approached the center of the Ve. The loud singing voices fell silent when he cleared his throat. He was not nervous. The All-Father chose only the strong.

The north was hash and relentless. Those not strong enough barely survived their first winter. Volotham knew, being chosen into the All-Father's service did not mean leading a life of comfort and being given all at no cost. Neither did it mean to be granted just by asking and begging for it. You had to deserve it and show that you were worthy. And thus Volothamp was chosen as a servant of the All-Father. To serve him in the cruel winters and in the bloody battles to come.

And so he spoke up:

"Hear me brothers and sisters! This is the lesson of Thor the som of Odin. I hear many songs were song about the battle of Telemark. About warriors fighting brave in the sight of enemies as strong as the Wolf of Fenris and as fierce as Garm the Hound of hell. I hear you singing songs about Seid Gustav Wolfangel who stood amongst his comrades knee deep in his emeies' blood. About Bulvi the indefatigable who cared for the wounded between the fights and slew his enemies in battle with the wraith of the All-Father himself.

I hear you asking for more and seeking revenge. And we will bring wrath over our enemies, brothers and sisters, we will. But we must not forget, that it is not blind anger and bloodlust that Thor is teaching and that a battle not fought can be a grater victory. So let us fight with passion in our hearts but guided by honour and reason. For now let us feast brothers and sisters. Today we drink in Skane. And one day we will drink in Valhalla. Praise to Thor! And praised be the All-Father!"