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The Tempering
« on: 13 March, 2020, 04:36:18 AM »
A man's fate is to suffer.

It is a unsavory fact to ponder but a fact nonetheless. Men are not born into the world; they are forged by the world. Without the tempering process, steel is brittle and good for little. When it comes to metals and men, the facts are the same: Suffering is the key to unlocking the strength within.

The roaring flames of the furnace and the clamoring, oscillating traumas of the hammer are what shape iron into useful designs. So it is with men also. The fire which inflicts intense heat upon the metal so as to melt it into liquid also burns away the dross within it. The hotter the fire, the more dross is burned away. The more dross is burned away, the purer and truer that metal becomes—the more of its real nature is revealed. So it is also with men.

When the fires of suffering and adversity fan their flames on the metal of men, they remove the things that are not truly that man. The more the adversity, the more the purity. The more the purity, the more the identity of that man is revealed. Some men are proven to be as bronze, some iron, others silver....a few rare ones, gold. And some prove to be simply rotten. It's the adversity, the trials, the suffering that reveals these things.

With men, so it is also with kingdoms. Much is proven in the suffering. And so it is that a kingdom that in the past was found lacking is now found to be formed of a much different sort of metal. Our enemy declared war on our ally—we removed him from the throne of the people he oppressed. Our enemy declared war on us—we now have the opportunity to restore a lost part our kingdom and redeem our land from the scars of our past, scars which still mar our silhouette.

Our enemy has faced much suffering too, and by this suffering they are being revealed. Frankly, I am waiting with baited breath to see what manner of cheating they will attempt to use this time, but maybe I am wrong about that. What I am absolutely certain about is that the upcoming battles will also be a time of great suffering. The suffering these battles bring will reveal the character of the men and women who thus endure it. And, at the end of the suffering—the suffering which is the fate of all men—those who are proven worthy shall receive the thrill of victory, while those proven unworthy shall receive the sting of defeat.

Thus shall it be.