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[ORP] The Paris' puppets parade
« on: 14 February, 2020, 05:19:05 PM »
Yet another busy morning at the marketplace. Merchants were unpacking their wares, early customers looking to do the best business were already snooping around, and at the corner of the square, a man put a bucket on the ground, upside down, and climbed on it. He took a breath of air, and put his hands around his mouth:

Hear ye, hear ye! The mannekens have arrived, straight from Paris! At the marketplace tonight, the epic tale of the Baron of Bombarie will be told!
Bring your children, bring your wife or husband, and sit down for a most amazing comedy!
Laugh with your neighbors until tears swell your eyes, bring a dour priest for when you fear, your laughter will not pass, or just gather for a bloody good time. Only 5 silver to witness the great spectacle of the Baron of Bombarie, if you miss it you will have to join us to the next city where we perform this epic show!

After he spoke the last words, he jumped from the bucket with the agility of a young man, and scratched a bit in his blonde beard. No one was listening... All were just going about with their business. That didn't go down well... What should he do instead? A bit disappointed, he took his bucket under his arm and went back to the puppeteer company. He was already making excuses to tell his friends that this city wouldn't do, until he got an idea...

An hour later on the marketplace, the young man was smiling. This would be grand! In his hand, he held a puppet, just like his three friends from the theater. They walked upon the marketplace, the beautiful details of the puppets clear for all to see, and shouted:

Make way, make way for Baron Bombarie!
If you defy him, he will put you in the nursery!
Dread him you should, and honor him you could!
By coming tonight to the puppetry!


[Just some guidelines on how to participate to this RP... You can join from everywhere you like as a visitor, I didn't put a place on purpose and am imagining something of a European tour. If you feel creative and would like to contribute to the puppet show as an actor, send me a PM and I will give you a role description of another puppet. Hope you enjoy this not-so-serious RP, have fun, I'll try to post every 2-3 days.

Free fun-fact: the French word "mannequin" comes directly from the Dutch word "manneken", which means "little man". While there are different theories, one of them is that it comes from Flemish puppeteers coming to Paris and making the word popular.]
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Re: [ORP] The Paris' puppets parade
« Reply #1 on: 14 February, 2020, 05:57:36 PM »
The golden chariot passing through the streets listening to the usual commotion and gossip while catching the eyes to those that passed by on the imponent horses that pulled with conviction the golden chariot at a steady pace without giving time for much remarks besides of its colours and splendor.

While the city was preparing for another busy day at their activities from merchants and traders around europe would be gathering to offer their finnest products to the citizens that were gathering their supplies for the upcomming weeks, also the announcements remembering the town crier would be so familiar for the young days of the former Dauphin to recall them as the goods signs of the days of young age.

Stop this contraption at once!
- it was said by someone inside the chariot.

The guards place their positions on to prepare the unmount of the person inside the chariot at full speed. Only a hand with a silk glove could be seen from the streets view of someone waving his finger near by the door of the chariot. Upon the making of the passage and the hasty security perimeter measures, the King of France steps down from the chariot paying more attention to this shouter of good rhymes.

Believe it or not fair gentleman of virtue
Your voice can be heard without doubt in here
but only a good shouter can pose as a statue
without disbanding the birds in fear

The townsmen saluted the courtesy of the monarch on taking part on a such trivial event in the city as a courtesy of his majesty. As soon as he had stepped down he returned back to his golden chariot and by the sign of the guards the horses returned to their steady pace to compensate the short relaxing moment the monarch had had.
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Re: [ORP] The Paris' puppets parade
« Reply #2 on: 17 February, 2020, 07:51:57 PM »
Well, the puppeteers wanted a spectacle, they sure got one! In Paris, the French King had gotten out of his chariot to watch what was happening, even when they just announced their show! Everyone stood frozen, and only after the King was long gone, Mathijs dared to utter a word. Or more like, stutter.

Sh - sh - sh - sh - shi - oh dammit!
Th-th-this is going t-t-t-t-to be a d-d-d-d-disaster!

In other words, when the King had left, the puppet parade was quickly broken up and went back to their tent camp at the edge of the city. Not to say that it went so poorly in other cities during their tour, no, mostly the parade to announce the show was well received and appreciated, and the puppeteers prepared for their big show in the evening… A proper stage was setup, they warmed up their voices, finetuned the costumes of the puppets, checked the handles and controls… And a few hours later, the public started to arrive. In Paris, everyone was watching if the King would show up, in other cities the atmosphere was a little bit more relax. A grand stage, about two meters long and one meter and a half high, was setup and the puppeteers got into position behind the stage. Trumpets announced the first Act: Baron Bombarie. Mathijs prepared his voice, waited until the curtain opened, and entered the Baron on the stage: a puppet with black long hair and a beard, a massive stomach and beautiful purple outfit - including a golden hat.


(Baron Bombarie slowly enters the stage. He takes his time, looks around and investigates the audience. After a short silence, he starts to chastise the audience.)

Bombarie: What, no one here to proper greet me? Or to announce me?

(From behind the scene, a second voice answers:)

Servant: Apologies Ser Bombarie! Ladies and Gentleman, may I present you: Ser Baron His Highness Bombarie!
Bombarie: You idiot! You uneducated pig! It is Lord Bombarie! Lord! Not Ser! To hells with your "Ser"! I am a Baron! You shall address me with "Lord"!
Servant: Of course, your Nobleness... I shall withdraw in my pig stable at once…
Bombarie: Make it fast or I shall have a pig's tongue for dinner! Any guess which pig's that will be?

(A squeek can be heard behind the scene, while Bombarie turns to the public, and smiles. He looks to the audience, and starts a song - you might want to listen to the original version here.)

I am the very model of an upper Flemish nobleman
I curse and swear trilingual in French Dutch or Bavarian
I know my revolutions, and I quote the fights historical
From Axpoele to Groeningen, in order categorical

I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters mathematical
I understand equations, both the simple and quadratical
About binomial theorem I'm teeming with a lot o' news
With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse

The earlier stated fact that I was fluent mathematical
Is maybe not so true as it was purely hypothetical
What you need commit to memory is equally nonsensical
But when I speak it is the truth, it's purely hierarchical

I know the Holy Books and quote them free, often and randomly
Crusades are fun when I don't go, but unfortunately recently… (slowers tempo)
The inquisition ruled I should part to clear my blasphemy...
But I shall miss my wife… And her legendary… sensuality!

(the Baron starts crying)

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Re: [ORP] The Paris' puppets parade
« Reply #3 on: 17 February, 2020, 09:28:13 PM »
Richard knew that in Paris something happened. A day he was on the balcony, under the snow. The royal palace was silent.
The herald entered in his room. He annunced a funny but ambitious day in Paris....
Richard thought that could be funny to come back in Paris, as he dreamed by years.
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Re: [ORP] The Paris' puppets parade
« Reply #4 on: 19 February, 2020, 05:52:01 PM »
Mathijs coughed a bit. This was always the hardest part, the lyrics of the song are so fast that he often stumbled over his own tongue practising it. But… it was faultless during the performance! He did worry though. Wouldn't nobles be offended by this not-very-flattering version of a nobleman? He bit his tongue. Worries for later. Just proceed… and try to get the audience on your side.

(The baron stops weeping, straightens his back, and directs himself to the audience.)

Alas! It is true and as a pilgrim to Rome I must part!
Leave my precious Baroness in quiet solitude,
but overcome I shall - fear not my lady, take heart!
Our love will never be subdued!

I will go without delay and say farewell
And make sweet, sweet love to my baby doll
One last time - as a blessing for my travel!
And… Oh whatever, why am I making up reasons in rhyme again? She is my muse, I will see her before I leave!

(The Baron goes off the stage. A new background is shown - the room of the Baroness. No dolls appear on stage, but sounds are being made off-stage by two voices. It is being made abundantly clear that a vulgar scene is going on behind the scenes, but nothing is shown. While it goes on, the Baron enters the stage again.)

What a dreadful sound… And it appears to come from the Baroness' bedroom!
I must find out what is going on. If she is sick or in pain, I cannot leave!
Pumpkin, my heart, my love, is everything allright?

(the sounds stop abruptly. After a short silence, a female voice replies)

Of course everything is well my dear! I was just redecorating my room, I didn't like the position of the bed.
Which is why I asked the cardinal to come in and help me.
We needed to push hard and put in a lot of effort, so much that I am not very presentable for you at this very moment!
Give me a minute, we are almost ready!

(The baron is very surprised, and turns to the audience.)

Did you hear that, my dear friends?
She is spending time with the cardinal!
Instead of asking me for help while I was here...
She is consorting with the man who condemned me to this pilgrimage!
It was he, heading the inquisition and putting me on trial!
For no less than giving my wife a kiss at the entrance of the church!

Do you think something is going on?
It looks terribly suspicious to me!


OOC: like a real puppet's play, don't hesitate to interact with the dolls. If you don't have time, but do enjoy the reading, I greatly appreciate any rating as well!