Author Topic: Proposal to form a united task force department  (Read 985 times)

Eddard Stark

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Proposal to form a united task force department
« on: 13 April, 2016, 01:19:54 PM »
To prevent crimes, I propose to form a united task force department. The department will be formed with the judges, bailiffs, prefects, customs officers and guard captains of the allied and friendly kingdoms of Tsardom of Serbia.

Responsibility of the task force with example:
Assume, kingdom x and kingdom y are friends or allies of kingdom of Serbia. Now if any citizen of Serbia commits a crime and any judge of Serbia issues an order to arrest the criminal, guard captains of Serbia will start the initial procedure. In the meantime if the criminal takes shelter inside kingdom x or inside kingdom y, their guard captains will help catch this criminal and will handover the criminal to the law and enforcement department of Serbia.
This task force has no relation with the military or warfare. This also includes that the task force will not be responsible to catch any war criminal.

I welcome our Tsar and the regents of our allied or friendly kingdoms join this conversation to express their decision/suggestion.

Thank you.
Eddard Stark