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Notification: change citizenship
« on: 04 January, 2020, 12:47:53 AM »
The offenders have been notified personally:

      03-Jan-1320, 22:45:34   Costance Proselite   Notification: change citizenship   
      03-Jan-1320, 22:44:25   Sebastian Von Bismark   Notification: change citizenship   
      03-Jan-1320, 22:43:27   Spartacus Della Torre   Notification: change citizenship   
      03-Jan-1320, 22:42:27   Zenzero Dei Malavoglia   Notification: change citizenship   
      03-Jan-1320, 22:41:36   Bianca Chiaromonte   Notification: change citizenship   
      03-Jan-1320, 22:40:33   Vorreius Floreal   Notification: change citizenship   


I, Gracia Mendoza, Queen of Castilla and León, declare these individuals enemies of the Kingdom of Castilla and León and its citizens; therefore I banish them permanently from this Kingdom:
Deste Dormolo Proselite
Sibilla Donati
Norberto Gonzaga
Bianca Chiaramonte
Daniel D´Angio
Massimiliano D´angio
Zenzero del Malavoglia
Spartacus della Torre
Vorreius Floreal
Sebastian von Bismark
Costance Proselite
Gastone Tournabuoni

Based on Kingdom Laws Update, 28 Oct 1316 : I Citizenship, II High Treason, III attack on Kingdom Security and Prestige, IV Banishment.

For having settled in these lands without express consent.
For having brought their own war against the patriarcal followers to our Kingdom.
For having brought death, ruin, devastation and exile to our people.
For making us lose all our regions against the patriarcal alliance Kiev/Hungary/Prussia
For revoking the roles to the true castillians on behalf of their group.
For using the name of the Kingdom of Castilla to make war against a peaceful kingdon as Aquitaine, and attacking Sweden, a traditional friendly kingdom.

This law will be active after 3 days from now on. If any of the listed above has not changed citizenship and remain castillian and/or if they are found in castillian territory from that moment on, they will be restrained, judged, fined and imprisoned according to castillian laws.

Signed, Gracia Mendoza, Queen of Castilla and León.
Proclaimed on December 24th, 1319
Proclaimed on: 24-Dec-1319, 20:32:31
Gracia Mendoza, Queen Kingdom of Castiglia and Leon
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