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Hierarchy of the Norse Faith
« on: 02 January, 2020, 06:58:34 AM »
((This thread is for postings of Norse Church Representatives. Please refrain from other, irrelevant comments or postings. Thank you. Thread Originally created by Sofie Falkenburg))

With pleasure we welcome our brothers and sisters in faith, brave fighters and shield maidens, followers of Odin,
who have received the blessings of the all-father, who created the world.

May their lives be long and happy, their sons be strong and fearless and may their blades be ever sharp and their enemies be full of fear.
May Yggdrasil nourish their bodies and souls and may Him who created the world bless them now and evermore. Hail Odin!

Current Leadership

Kol Sigurdsson: Thul - Godord Norse Church - Ostergotland
Ippolito Tornabuoni: Gothi - Hof Norse Church - Ostergotland
                     : Seid - Horgr Norse Church - Ostergotland
Bulvi Norsman: Vifill - Vé Norse Church - Ostergotland
                       Vifill - Vé Norse Church - Skane
Svend Ulf         Vifill - Vé Norse Church - Smaland
                       Vifill - Vé Norse Church - Telemark

Cathal Of Ayre: Gothi - Hof Norse Church - Atholl
                     : Seid - Horgr Norse Church - Atholl
                     : Vifill -Vé  Norse Church - Atholl, Scotland
                      :Vifill - Vé Norse Church - Mide

Former leadership:
Sofie Falkenburg
Oliver Mactic
Matthias Saxe Coburg
James Broden