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Meanwhile in Kiev
« on: 24 December, 2019, 07:57:23 PM »
Winters in Kiev are usually cold and snowy. But not this one. It was still one week till New Year, and Grand Prophetess Elizara Gray had a strong feeling that mild weather should change quite soon. What New Year can be without snow?

She went to secret halls of Basilica to check something. There in depth of hidden dungeons lie the treasure of extraordinary power - relics.
Closing to one of them Elizara could always feel otherworldly cold and sometimes small sparks of electricity on her hair and clothes. Nordic people call this thing "Mjölnir", the hammer of godly power and symbol of Norse Church.

Grand Prophetess moved closer and touched it carefully. The hammer responded with small but sounding electric discharge, and its surface was painfully cold to the touch. Elizara pulled her hand away with a smirk.

- You don't like to be here, stubborn hammer? Don't worry. - She leaned towards Mjölnir and whispered. - Soon you can be free!

She walked out of dungeon and moved to the main hall of Basilica.

- Scribe! Write down my will! - Grand Prophetess sat on her ceremonial chair and started to dictate a letter.

"To the Thul of Norse Church and King of Sweden Kol Sigurdsson!

For many months we watch over our enemies who hide themselves under symbols of Norse Church. We are glad to see you almost cleansed your faith of those who spread heresy and who damage your Church. Now it's time to return former strength of your Church and make it even stronger.

With our best wishes please accept an invitation to Basilica of Kiev to get Mjölnir back to its rightful place in Ostergotland. May it be symbol of power and unity for Norse people!"

Elizara signed and sealed the letter and waited till scribe carefully gave the scroll to courier. This letter will make a long journey across Kievan lands and Baltic sea to Sweden.

She stepped outside and looked at the north. Sky was covered with clouds, and cold wind slightly bit her face.
This New Year there will be a lot of snow indeed.
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Re: Meanwhile in Kiev
« Reply #1 on: 25 December, 2019, 07:44:28 AM »
The voyage home from the front lines was a long one, but Kol was glad for the short rest from things.  He had finally broken the back of the heresy that had plagued the Norse faith and restored the crown of a Kingdom to the rightful citizens.  No sooner did he step off the ship upon the soil of Sweden, when he was greeted by a messenger holding a note.   He read the missive and raised a brow.  Rolling it back up he turned to walk back on the ship. 

 "Make sail for Kiev, the All-Father has one last task for us before we can rest."

As he stood upon the deck of the ship he looked up to the sky.  Years of talks, silence, and arguments had finally come to this.  He would personally retrieve the relic of the Norse people, an item he has defended countless times.  Now it was his task to retrieve it and return it back to the true Norse and restore the honor and glory that had been taken because of the heresy that tore his faith apart.  His eyes lowered and he walked to the side of the ship as he started to get underway.  He called out to the docks.

"Let all know, Mjölnir returns when I do.  Prepare a great celebration for our victory and to honor the All-Father!"

He moved to stand next to the captain of the ship.  His eyes now looking to the distance where Kiev awaited.  Home would wait a little longer for the service of the All-Father was all that mattered now.