Author Topic: Excommunication of the heretic Norse  (Read 104 times)

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Excommunication of the heretic Norse
« on: 20 December, 2019, 11:38:20 AM »
I, Kol Sigurdsson, Acting Thul of the Norse faith do hereby declare the following people excommunicated from the Norse faith on grounds of heresy.

Deste Dormolo Proselite (20-Dec-1319, 09:37:53)
Sibilla Donati (20-Dec-1319, 14:22:02)
Costance Proselite (21-Dec-1319, 00:52:01)
Gastone Tornabuoni (01-Jan-1320, 16:19:02)
Sebastian Von Bismark (20-Dec-1319, 18:32:02)
Spartacus Della Torre (01-Jan-1320, 16:49:22)
Vorreius Floreal (02-Jan-1320, 04:43:01)

These people did willfully accept Deste Dormolo Proselite as their leader in faith wrongly, and accept his version of the Norse faith.  As such they are seen as heretics of the Norse faith.  No member of the Norse faith shall provide them shelter, aid or comfort.  They will accept and learn the challenges and hardships as Odin desired his own children to learn. 

If they desire to return they must be judged as Odin had his children judge humanity's devotion and gratitude.

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