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History of House Dukljanin
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History of House Dukljanin

*  *  *  *  *

>> Growing up <<

My name is Dusan Zivkovic. Years of the Lord 1318. I was born in Rashka-Zeta,province of Serbia Empire,as a free-man.

*  *  *  *  *

As a little boy,i was interested in learning,writing and reading...  I learned read and write in monastery in Raska,overwriting church books.My father was a juvelor,and i studied craft in Goldsmith Workshop with him in my city.

*  *  *  *  *

>> Crown for the Queen <<

   I also worked on the field,cultivated Mulabery and produced silk.I transported silk to Dubrovnik and sold to European merchants.One day i met Royal treasurer who was buying goods and transported in Beograd on Royal Palace and Court...I got job offer and i started to supply Royal Palace with my goods from Raska.I was 15 years when i first visited capital city of our Empire!

*  *  *  *  *

  I learned a craft gold from my father and i started to make relics for the Serbian Orthodox Church.Time passed....and one day the news from capital arrived that the Emperor Dusan Nemanjic should be married to Italian queen!Everone was hapy in all city...Because we will get the crown successor!Me too.But...The Emperors messenger arrived at my house.Yes! I got an order and it was my honor ,to make a crown for the futire queen Isabella Este from Italy.I have invested all my skills and it takes time to make the beautiful crown for the most beautiful woman in all Europe.
This is a key event in my life. I'm sure!

*  *  *  *  *

>> Student and Judge <<

The Emperor wanted to meet man who made crown for his queen and i was standing face to face with his grace...then i got new job , to stay in Palace and help royal staff to find supplies...I stayed!During the time i was educated . Credit for my knowledge they have Serbian prince Jerman Nemanjic and my friend from Bohemia Istvan Hunyadi .

*  *  *  *  *

When I was ready,11.Mar. 1318. Tzar Dusan and High Council they set me up for a judge of Belgrade.And Tzar perosnaly gave me the noble tittle and promoted me in Lord!

*  *  *  *  *

>> Born-again  <<

I did not tell you,in my veins flows blood of Serbian King Konstantin Bodin (1050-1099) . He ruled (1081-1099) in Duklja,was then icluded: Raska,Zeta,Bosnia and Dubrovnik. As his descendant i got a slow name Dukljanin , symbolic source of legitimacy.

So I became Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin .

*  *  *  *  *

>> Wedding with the Bulgarian Countess <<

16. April years of the Lord 1318, at Belgrade Church, I chose Irina Dobrotitsa from Bulgaria as my life companion. .  Then she joined our big family and got the last name Dukljanin.

*  *  *  *  *

>>     The Castle is done! <<

Nis... Heart of the Balkans.One of the oldest cities in the Balkans and Europe, and has from ancient times been considered a gateway between the East and the West.It was founded by the Scordisci in 279 BC after the invasion of the Balkans. The city was among several taken during the Roman conquest in 75 BC. the Romans constructed the Via Militaris through the city in the 1st century, and it is also the birthplace of Constantine the Great, the first Christian Emperor and the founder of Constantinople, as well as Constantius III and Justin I. It is home to one of the oldest churches in Serbia, dating back to the 4th century, in the suburb of Mediana. During the partition of the Roman Empire it fell under the control of the Byzantine Empire. In the 6th century Slavic tribes began settling the Balkans. Authority over the city was contested until the Byzantines eventually granted the city to the Serbs in the 12th century. Niš served as Stefan Nemanja's capital.
I was assigned to rebuild the city and the castle from my Tzar Dusan Nemanjic,years of the Lord 1318.
We built a castle and thick walls with 7 towers.
At the gates of the castle,Nemanjic flags flutter again!
I Dusan Z. Dukljanin from today, I will enforce the law of the Serbian Empire in the territory of Nis.I'll catch the robbers, judge them and cruelly punish!
I will defend the city and people from attackers,with faith in God to the last man!

I owe a great gratitude to my friends who helped build  !    -                             -

*  *  *  *  *

>> Župan of Niš <<

From Emperor Proclamation:

"After long , hard and prosperous work Baron Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin was doing in region of Nis , finally he decided to begin a project of raising a Castle! Tsar Dusan Nemanjic contributed half of resources to Dukljanin who gathered another half and organized workers on this project... After some time passed, one of most beautiful castles in realm was built and village of Nis was upgraded to Town of Nis with tension to prosper even more... On that day Tsar Dusan Nemanjic decided that Dukljanin has deserved to recive a higher title and summoned him to his Palace...
Dusan Dukljanin , you proven yourself to be a very valuable man in service of our Tsardom and therefore I , Dusan Nemanjic , Tsar of Serbia have decided to move you up in our realm. With this done comes more power , but also more responsibility... I put town of Nis in your hands to make it prosper even higher under your governing... Arrise Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin , Zupan of Nis! "  -Tzar Dusan Nemanjic

Years of the Lord 1318 in Serbian Tzardom

*  *  *  *  *

>> Knight Order of Dragon <<

- In the year 1318 anno domini , a great sadness has strike in the hearts of every Patriarchal follower... A relic has been stolen from great Basilica in Kiev... It came as a reason for every individual in Patriarchal church to unite even more than they already was , but also as end of calm and peaceful days... A great war began!
- A group of experianced soldiers , leaded by their Tsar Dusan Nemanjic, altogether with their allies from Kingdom of Italy and Tsardom of  Bulgaria has gone to campaign against Kingdoms who stolen the Patriarchal Holy Relic! But even after numerous victories and with enemy beaten on their own soil , relic has not been found yet...
- After return of the army to their homeland, Tsar of Serbia , Dusan Nemanjic has decided to form a Knighthood order of Dragon with his best warriors...

In the charter he said:

" I , Tsar of Serbia , Dusan Nemanjic am founding this Knighthood order of Red Dragon with a mission of retrival of our Holy Relic, defend of the cross , our country and people from the enemy and the evil! This order will have 3 level of knights:
Knight of Order of Dragon - III degree (all our warriors who fought bravely in many battles and who will still fight in a mission of retrival of our Holy Relic)
Knight of Order of Dragon - II degree (The veterans, who sacrifaced for higher cause and have proven themself and defeated 50 enemy on the Holy Mission)
Knight of Order of Dragon - I degree (Only the finest soldiers , who became a hero of the Holy Mission... Who killed more than 50 enemy and have been claimed a battle champion on a Holy Mission!)

I claim you the knights:
- Founder Dusan Nemanjic - Knight of Order of Dragon - I degree
- Eddard Stark - Knight of Order of Dragon - II degree
- Jerman Nemanjic - Knight of Order of Dragon - II degree
- Svetislav Katerica - Knight of Order of Dragon - III degree
- Geralt Stark - Knight of Order of Dragon - III degree
- Div Znidarsic - Knight of Order of Dragon - III degree
- Nuno Stark - Knight of Order of Dragon - III degree
- Stefan Lazarevic Dukljanin - Knight of Order of Dragon - III degree
- Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin - Knight of Order of Dragon - III degree

                               In Beograd , in Tsardom of Serbia, on October 17 , 1318 anno dommini

Signed ,
Tsar of Serbia ,
Dusan Nemanjic

* * * * *

- All knights has sworn an oath for loyalty and eternal fight for upkeeping a faith , homeland , people and retrival of Holy Relic  , until the death! And they all together yell out loud:
"Long Live Knight Order of Dragon! "

I became a knight...

* * * * *

>>>Right Hand of Tzar and moving to Belgrade<<<

After the wars ended, I retreated to my castle in Nis.I work on administrative jobs, engaged in trade and enjoyed in life and quiet days that had accumulated after a long war.
The messenger came 2. Aug. 1319 years to my home in Nis with the invitation to Royal Palace.   I heard a rumor about the withdrawal of Tzar Dusan from the throne. So it was. The rumors were true! Dusan Nemanjic decided to withdraw from the throne after a long reign, and to left  the throne to Eddard Stark.  I was selected by Dusan for the king's right hand and chancellor.  I became a member of Great Council and vassal of Belgrade.  After a long time I established my house, the House of Dukljanin.   
 That's how new pages of my life began.

* * * * *

>>>Duke of Dalmatia<<<

Shortly after declaring Eddard Stark a newTtzar, and my new role in our empire, Tzar Eddard proclaimed me Duke of Dalmatia as a reward for mine service..  So I managed to get countries in Raska-Zeta, Dubrovnik and Split. It was year of the lord  10-Aug-1319.

* * * * *

>>>Members of the House Dukljanin<<<

1. Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin  - Head of Dynasty

2. Irina Dobrotitsa Dukljanin - TG Master

3. Aleksandra Dukljanin  -  Priest of Patriarchal Church

3. Stefan Lazarevic Dukljanin - Lord of House Dukljanin and Guard Cpt.

4. Djuradj Kastriot Dukljanin  - Crafstman in Belgrade

* * * * *

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