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Primula Maria Van Rossun

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Rosa Gallica ( RP) ?
« on: 09 November, 2019, 06:22:34 AM »
To anybody who dosen't know me, Carlita Borgia was great woman,  friend, confidant and a priest of Theological faith.

My name is Primula Maria Van Rossun, Former Queen of France, Former Vassal of Ankara, Amasya and Antakya of the kingdom of Seleucid and current vassal of Roma of Kingdom of Rome.

I write this eulogy to remember the person, who had served France in peace and danger, never left her faith in god, people and France. She had served a very long time as a Parish Priest to being a cardinal of France.

It is without her, I wouldn't even had lasted and have kick the bucket and mayhap left France's condition for worse, than it is now, when I left it to current king Lucifel Uchiha of France.

She had help a lot of people, especially new citizens of France, offering them to be initiated to the Theological faith, yet never forcing to them to change faith.

She mayhap be a bit radical on some issues, but she meant well for France, the Theological Faith, Friends and Allies and even other faith or people that dosen't agree with her thinking or will.

09-Nov-1319, 03:18:02   Carlita Borgia, Cardinal Theological Church died, the role is vacant.

Thank You for everything Carlita Borgia, for your time and sweat serving France, even you had different regents serving France.

That is why you will be a Rosa Gallica, the French Rose,  a bit spiky, yet pretty nonetheless.
Farewell and have a good rest.

Primula Maria Van Rossun
Duchess of Ankara
Vassal of Roma

( note:  first time making eulogy and didn't have any beta reader or checker, apology for wrong gramar and spelling).

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Fabiotto Borgia

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Re: Rosa Gallica ( RP) ?
« Reply #1 on: 10 November, 2019, 11:47:32 AM »
An important character that we have all known.
I remember our old correspondence that left me fascinated and happy because I met a person who took things seriously.
Thank you for your participation