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Eva's journey
« on: 07 October, 2019, 06:21:40 AM »
 She has traveled a long distance when she reached London. She was tired and hungry but had little left to her name after her ordeal. She wandered the streets, passing by people about their daily lives, until she came across a tavern where she could find a room to rest. She will have to look for work in the morning. Right now she needed sleep and the bit of bread she had left to eat.

 She walked in and paid for a room where she found a bowl she could fill with water to wash up. The cold water on her face was refreshing as she washed the grim of the road off her delicate skin. When she looked into the old mirror, her face was flush with the scrubbing, but clean. She then sat by the window as she ate her bread and watched the passerbys. Wondering where they were going, if they had families, loved ones waiting for them.

 Sighing she finished off the last piece and drank some rum she had tucked in her bag and laid down on the bed to rest for a while. As she drifted off, she mused at what tomorrow will bring.   
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