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The Sword & Quill Tournament (updating)
« on: 17 September, 2019, 11:54:20 PM »
The Sword & Quill Tournament (or S&Q Tournament) is a pro bono international contest between might and wit:

duels with weapons & armour and duels with words (verse or prose).

Anyone can participate: man or woman, commoner or noble.

In order to win participants have to fight duels with weapons/armour and with quills.

You'll have to be a fine swordsman and a creative writer (or know your literature classics)!

The duels with words will award those who use verse or prose to praise someone, something or some quality.

Quotes from RL authors are accepted.

Tournament's 1st round dates: between 14th and the 19th of October 1319.

Location: York

Entry fee

Amount: 125 sc.

The entry fee will include: medical assistance (healing).

Registration & Payments to be made with/to Lady Anne De Courtney-Anes

1319 Competition

Registered competitors:

No Armour

Fabio Spazzoli; Budrys Iš Vilniaus; Beltram Gwesklin; Grunttgh Ogrearm; Edward Teach; Kate Chandler.

Light Armour

Fabiotto Borgia; Jan De Vlaminc; Henrik Due; Ezzelino Da Romano; Christina Pole

Heavy Armour

Adele Reid; Eliana Chiaromonte; Aravella Snowflake.

Jury: Thekla Argyra, Emma Le Chappelle, Carlita Borgia

Contest sequence:

Sword duels (1st qualifying round; 14 competitors) > 1 finalist per category & per position (9 finalists) > final duels >> quill duels (2nd qualifying round; 6 competitors) > 3 winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd position)


1st: 900 sc
2nd: 500 sc
3rd: 200 sc

Consolation prizes: 4th, 5th and 6th position (goods or equivalent money).

General Rules

The score will be set as follows:

Sword Contest

Victory: 10 points
Tie: 5 points
Defeat: 1 point
Absence: 0 points

Categories: no armour, light and heavy armour
(only sets crafted ig will be allowed)


No Armour: any metal weapon + any wooden shield (plus any head protection, if any) 
Light Armour: any metal weapon + (any wooden shield +) complete leather set
Heavy armour: any metal weapon + (any metal shield +) complete chainmail and/or platemail sets

Notes: in the Heavy Armour category competitors may combine different parts of the chainmail and platemail sets; in the No Armour competitors can use any wooden shield.

Quill Contest

The competitors will fight with their wits and quills, presenting original texts (written by them) or quotes (quotes of any author up to 1319 in real life) of prose or verse and of any subject (please avoid anachronism, sexism, racism or any other prejudice-based reference) but with a limited lenght (to be announced).

Texts or quotes must be submitted in English or in any another language with English translation.

The jury will assess the literary quality of original texts (prose and verse) and quotes (prose and verse) and assign points between 0 and 10 points. The final score of each text/quote will be the average of the score assigned by each jury member.

Failing to present a text/quote: 0 points

Unsuitable or inappropriate text/quote: 0 points and/or disqualification (dependent on the seriousness of the offense)

Final score: x points from sword contest + y points from quill contest = final score list

Jury Rules

Jury members shall abstain from voting if they have a close connection with the contestant whose work they are reviewing. Thus, an assistant judge will vote in its place.

Jury members (like the organizers) cannot participate in the S&Q Tournament.

Other Rules/FAQ

1) Will participants be required to write their literary composition into a sealed scroll?

No. They will be invited to the IG group and will send to all (via the in game group) a scroll-message with their compositions; after that one of us will post the text in the forum page.

But we can issue certificates of participation - with the texts, for exemple - to the participants who desire to receive one.

2) Will the participants need to hire out weapons and armour e.g. sell at full price, buy back at slightly less than full price to include rental fee, depending on condition of armour and number of days used?

No. Unless requested by any of the participants. The participants will be responsible for their own fighting gear. But the organizers can sell or rent if requested. Of course it is an excellent opportunity for armour and weapons makers/merchants to sell these goods on the market during the tournament.

3) Will participants only be allowed to enter one category of duel?

Yes. Participants must assess their skills and fighting gear and decide which category will be more suitable for them.

4) If contestants wear more armor than their category allows, they will be re-assigned to the next category?

5) If one contestant wears more armor than allowed for that category and wins, then the duel will not be counted, and must be held again. If this happens twice, then the offender may be disqualified and the other contestant deemed as the winner?

Situations 4) and 5) cannot happen. Every participant, upon paying the entry fee, has to declare all the armor and weapons they will use during the tournamente. Thus, they cannot use what is not declared. And they must equip themselves - at least a hour before the duel - with the full gear on in order to be inspected.

They have to declare - before fighting the first round - all fighting gear they rent or acquire after registration in the contest.

6) If there is a tie for 3rd place in any category then further duels may be held?


7) In the case of an uneven number of contestants in a category, then at least 2 duels each will be needed, so that everyone has the same number of duels?


Sword & Quill Tournament Committee

Entry & treasury: Anne De Courtney-Anes
Tournament organization & refereeing: Pero Anes e Courtney
Information & jury liaison: Amanda Shepherd
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Re: The Sword & Quill Tournament (updating)
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I paid for the registration to the event.
any day is ok for me