Author Topic: Amasya, Iron mine region.  (Read 24 times)

Primula Maria Van Rossun

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Amasya, Iron mine region.
« on: 04 September, 2019, 01:11:39 PM »
Amasya, the region with an iron mine and  Universal Mystical Church - Grand Imam's Palace

I, Primula Maria Van Rossun as the vassal of Amasya has plan to develop basic infrastructure of the region.

Past project  and date completion.
1) Castle - Dec 18 1316

Projects completed on the region of Amasya under my reign.
1) Market
30-Aug-1319, 02:51:40   Kingdom of Seleucid completed building: Market - Level 1 in: AMASYA..

2) Well
04-Sep-1319, 07:36:01   Kingdom of Seleucid completed building: Well in: AMASYA.

And a special thanks to the following:
1) Min Ah Shin