Author Topic: Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin - Right-hand-man of the Tsar  (Read 256 times)

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Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin - Right-hand-man of the Tsar
« on: 22 August, 2019, 05:24:38 AM »
Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin

Founder of House Dukljanin
Duke of Dalmatia
Chancellor of Serbia
Right-hand-man of the Tsar


After the coronation, Eddard summoned all the nobles and war strategists of Serbia.

A messenger brought the news of a rising dark force. After finishing the letter, Eddard looked at everyone. But he could not see the face of a fearsome warrior. He sent a messenger to summon him.

After 30 minutes Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin entered the hall. Eddard asked everyone,

Do you know this young lad?

The nobles recognized him easily. They fought many battles side by side in the last great war. Everyone nodded,

Yes, your highness. This young lad is the baron of Nis. He broke many blades in the recent wars, bled, but never ran from the battlefields.

Eddard asked,

Does anyone have any objection if I place him among you and above you, my dear nobles and great warriors, protectors of the realm?

Nobody gave any veto. Eddard then looked at Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin,

Come forward, my brother.

Eddard unsheathed the valerian sword and placed it on Dukljanin's shoulder,

I, Eddard of house Stark, Tsar of Serbia before Deus and Serbian citizens as my witness, am granting you, Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin, the power of establishing your own house under your banner and family name. Because of your extreme loyalty to the crown, superior service in the Serbian Army and the unparalleled sacrifice to save the tsardom from its archenemies, I am making you the Duke of whole Dalmatia, and am offering you the highest possible award in Serbia, the chair of the chancellor! Will you accept my offer and act as the right hand of mine?

Eddard then looked at Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin.
Eddard Stark

Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin

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Re: Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin - Right-hand-man of the Tsar
« Reply #1 on: 22 August, 2019, 10:53:23 AM »
I accept the service to Serbia as Chancellor and your right-hand, Your Highness.  As before, I and my Dukljanin house will be available to Tzardom whenever needed. I Duke of Dalmatia Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin swear allegiance to the Crown and Tzardom.