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Primula Maria Van Rossun

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Good day to everyone here.

Ankara - A fair coastal region, main produce is gold from the gold mine.

Upon my appointment as vassal of Ankara, Kingdom of Seleucid,  forgotten projects were finished.
1) Market
2) Well

Infrastructures - Date Completed
1)  Castle - September 26 1318
2)  Harbor - October 1 1318
3)  Inn - November 23 1313
4)  Market - November 27 1318
5)  Well -  July 4 1319

Taxes have been lowered, compared to the rest of the country, as a gateway for my country, my region that I managed to everyone, who wish to see what the Kingdom of Seleucid has to offer.

29-Jun-1319, 01:21:57   Primula Maria Van Rossun changed Goods and Services Tax for region: ANKARA. Neutral: 5%, Friendly: 5%, Allied: 5%, Citizens: 0%.

Upon request and availability, I will sell the following at Ankara's Market.

1) Raw Natural Resources
A-1) Gold* set at 15 silver coins plus taxes***
A-2) Iron
A-3) Salt

2) Food Produce
B-1) Bread
B-2) Cheese
B-3) Mulberry cake
B-4) Meat soup
B-5) Fish soup

3) Argicultural Produce
C-1) Grape
C-2) Flower

4) Others
D-1) Silk**
D-2) Honey
D-3) Wax

* 50 gold per person is the maximum, I can sell at a given period or at a announce time.
Example: 03-Jul-1319, 04:08:44   Xxxxx Xxxxx bought for 787,5 silver coins 50 Gold piece from Primula Maria Van Rossun at market in: ANKARA

** will be sold at an announce period.

***All taxes goes to royal treasury of the Kingdom of Seleucid.

12-Jul-1319, 06:25:05   Primula Maria Van Rossun has received a noble title: Duchess of Ankara!

Primula Maria Van Rossun
Duchess of Ankara
July 12 1319 - Present Period

Vassal of Ankara
November 21 1318 -   August 5 1319

Vassal of Amaysa
August 6 1319 - Present Period.
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Primula Maria Van Rossun

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Re: Ankara , Kingdom of Seleucid - Information and open for trade
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Ankara is selling and buying the following:

Selling to fund Amaysa Infrastructure developments.
115    pieces of gold at 15 silver coin per piece.
1500 pieces of iron at 2.40 silver coin per piece.

All price mentioned above are subject to taxes of Ankara's rate
The following goods will be available tom. at Ankara's market.

Buying for Amaysa possible development of Tavern and Well.
154 pieces of wood.
200 pieces of bricks.

Delivery process : Deposit it to Amaysa Castle.
Payment Procedure : Send it directly or sell any goods at Ankara's market at an agreed price.

105 gold sold ( 15 silver coin per piece)
150 pieces of iron sold @ a discount ( 1.5 silver coin per piece)

Bought all materials mentioned above and more from visiting other markets.

Conclusion : I spend too much of my personal wealth.
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