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Good day to everyone here.

Ankara - A fair coastal region, main produce is gold from the gold mine.

Upon my appointment as vassal of Ankara, Kingdom of Seleucid,  forgotten projects were finished.
1) Market
2) Well

Infrastructures - Date Completed
1)  Castle - September 26 1318
2)  Harbor - October 1 1318
3)  Inn - November 23 1313
4)  Market - November 27 1318
5)  Well -  July 4 1319

Taxes have been lowered, compared to the rest of the country, as a gateway for my country, my region that I managed to everyone, who wish to see what the Kingdom of Seleucid has to offer.

29-Jun-1319, 01:21:57   Primula Maria Van Rossun changed Goods and Services Tax for region: ANKARA. Neutral: 5%, Friendly: 5%, Allied: 5%, Citizens: 0%.

Upon request and availability, I will sell the following at Ankara's Market.

1) Raw Natural Resources
A-1) Gold* set at 15 silver coins plus taxes***
A-2) Iron
A-3) Salt

2) Food Produce
B-1) Bread
B-2) Cheese
B-3) Mulberry cake
B-4) Meat soup
B-5) Fish soup

3) Argicultural Produce
C-1) Grape
C-2) Flower

4) Others
D-1) Silk**
D-2) Honey
D-3) Wax

* 50 gold per person is the maximum, I can sell at a given period or at a announce time.
Example: 03-Jul-1319, 04:08:44   Xxxxx Xxxxx bought for 787,5 silver coins 50 Gold piece from Primula Maria Van Rossun at market in: ANKARA

** will be sold at an announce period.

***All taxes goes to royal treasury of the Kingdom of Seleucid.

12-Jul-1319, 06:25:05   Primula Maria Van Rossun has received a noble title: Duchess of Ankara!

Primula Maria Van Rossun
Duchess of Ankara
Vassal of Ankara
November 21 1318 -  Present Period
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