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Regional Announcement - Carrick
« on: 24 April, 2019, 02:45:56 PM »
Dear Citizens of Scotland,

I want to begin by thanking King Daniel Mcfinnigan for giving me the opportunity to be put to the test as vassal of Carrick. I will do everything in my power to bring order and hope to these wonderful lands.

The times are challenging in all over Europe, while Scotland needs to remain strong. Working together as a community by helping each other and which is most important, by communicating with each other, we can make the difference. I would like to establish effective workflows in a way each and everyone's contribution is valued. Carrick shall be a flourishing place, known across the borders of Scotland, where it's people grow and prosper.

+ Potter
+ Tailor
+ Distiller
+ Citizens with at least 1 field producing basic materials.

Construction of a Watch Tower. It will begin soon, so builders are most welcome to join us and complete this task.

Establishing a self sustainable community, strengthening local production and raising import/export activities.

I recognize the value and effectiveness of an organized society and I look forward to help my people achieve their goals. I am always available and willing to assist, send me a scroll if you are interested.

With sincere appreciation, i bid you farewell.
Arthur Scott,
Vassal of Carrick
Viscount of Telemark
Chamberlain of Scotland
Scottish Tutor of the newborns