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Lancaster Academy
« on: 06 December, 2018, 03:28:38 AM »
As usual he stood up early in the morning. As every morning he went to the fireplace to lit up the fire and spread some warmth into the few rooms of his decent cottage. He breathed in deeply as the first sunebeams reached over the hills and tickeled his nose. It was one of the days you get up and you knew it is going to be a good day. One of those days you wouldn't need any good news, great successes or lucky findings to consider it so. It was as special day. Without even knowing, he felt what the young kitchenboy would bring as a message as he saw the tiny familiar silhouette jumping down the hill. The answer finally was there. And it was a positive answer.

After the boy arrived, it took a while to comprehend what he repeatedly and hastly tried to express: The building site was granted. Lancaster finally will have an own academy. And Grrmpf was prepared. Not that his liege knew that the answer would be positive. But he believed. And so it was Grrmpf's turn now to spread the news. To spread the news about something great coming. Something all English people and beyond will be a part of. Wisdom will spread. And this was another big step.

A little nervous, no, excited Grrmpf entered the center of the village and cleared his thoat. Once, twice, and finally raised his voice:

"Hear ye, hear ye!
Wisdom and knowledge spreads on. Lancaster builds an academy and you can be a part of it. Your help will not be for glory only but great prizes await you. So enter the Lancaster academy resource contest:
Until the beginning of the construction all applicants are asked to donate iron, wood and stone to create the building. All resources should be posted in Lancaster market for 0.0001sc each for Alfred Avalon to be considered for part of this contest. Please ask if you need to buy a tool.

The more resources you donate, the higher your chances are:
1-50 = 5 chances
51-100 = 10 chances
101-250 = 20 chances
251+ = 30 chances

There are three prizes to be won for each kind of resource:
The iron prize: The miners outfit, a masterwork tool and a thousand silver pieces
The wooden prize: The lumberjack’s outfit, a masterwork tool and a thousand silver pieces
The stone price: The quarryman’s outfit, a masterwork tool and a thousand silver pieces

Names will be entered into a draw pot and winners will be announced after the completion of goods to the academy."
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