Author Topic: A great chapter in the history of Byzantine/Eastern Roman Empire is closing  (Read 512 times)

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Gregorios Katakouzinos took over the throne in difficult times about two years ago.

We were in a middle of a war that ended with a bitter stalemate. Through diplomacy and great effort in our military we came out of this conflict with minimal damage.

Shortly after he made possible a friendship with Italy and Serbia that proved to be really valuable for us. It got us in a bigger alliance that benefited us in many ways. This friendship is still alive and helps to provide stability to our Empire.

A lot more happened during his reign that would require a lot of time to even mention them. All these led to the enlargement of our Empire by absorbing our conquests, Kingdom of Jerusalem and Kingdom of Mamluks.

Today we are stronger than I ever remember.

Many fortified lands in our possession, strong and loyal friends and diplomatic connections with the strongest kingdoms in Europe.

All this effort comes with a price. Being in this place for this long is tiring. Many obligations that require constant attention are hard to deal with.

My work will be a lot simpler. The road is full of roses and I hope to continue the work of our Emperor Gregorios Katakouzninos.

Thank you Emperor for your hard work during these years.

I am sure as all of us will continue to help from another post.I will borrow the slogan of our former Augusta Thekla Argyra that I think represent all of us:

Byzantium: glory, commitment, burden

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