Author Topic: Tales of A Man of Law  (Read 637 times)

(RIP) Anaksimandros Laskaris

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Tales of A Man of Law
« on: 02 March, 2019, 10:31:28 PM »
The lights of the greatest city were lit up and the sun was hiding in the west while Anaksimandros passed the gates. The long trip was close to end. He just had to deliver the "package"  to the proper man, some paper work and of course a visit to Logothetai, the councils. Then the city's tavern would be his destination for the night.But this should wait for a few hours.
First things first, he should deliver his prisoner to Judge Anatolius Doukas. He is the man who defines this prisoner's destiny from now on.The previous days  run with a lot of talking between the Council. While it was crystal clear that there was law trespassing in a couple of cases, Logothetes were not sure if  hunting the outlaws had any worth.
In case of Anne de Courtney, things were simple. Ambassadors did the talks, the convicted cooperated and Anaksimadros did the arrestment in the familiar city of Chandax. But the case of Ector Pendragon was complicated.He left for western cities where Anaksimandros had never ever visited. He told his lies everywere just to claim an official position and make Ambassadors to have long Conversations.
But even when all these were solved, Anaksimandros had to think of the long journey. The distance was long , through seas and land, unknown places and the way back even worse. He knew that the unwilling captive make the time more and difficult to calculate. Also there were not simillar cases in the Empire's prison files. So the Logothetes were arguing about the journey and its worth and  its planning . The arrestment mission was close to fail before even start. But that would be no fair in the eyes of Anaksimandros. So the final decision was his.Prosecutor and Judge had done their work. Same did the witness. The Guard Captain should do his job too. 

And all that, the hard hours at unfriendly winter sea,  the unknown land of French and all the way back finally deserve it.Justice prevail.
And as Anaksimadros heard, there was another outlaw who escaped imprisonment...

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Re: Tales of A Man of Law
« Reply #1 on: 04 March, 2019, 02:22:49 PM »
I always admired Anaksimandros. I first met him some years ago and his sense of duty towards the empire never changed a bit under any circumstances. If it was working for the Empire, or fighting to defend it, or even arresting criminals that fled justice.

His character is to be an example for all of us.  Fearless, tireless dedicated to the prosperity of the empire.

I waited him in the Tavern. He wad a lot to tell me about his recent journeys across Europe. I am fortunate to hear it first hand.
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