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Katakouzinos family. Biographies, diary
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Re: Katakouzinos family. Biographies, diary
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RP off: First character Alexios Doukas.

RP on. Biography of Alexios Doukas.

Alexios Doukas reached adulthood in June of 1314.

Almost immediately he presented himself to the Emperor of the Byzantine empire Narsis Focas. He followed his order and left the safety of the capital to the distant land of Derne in the Kingdom of Cyrene that was at the time a vassal kingdom to the Byzantine empire.

 Ruler of this kingdom was King Arrigo Lorentio Bolon-Isauricos. His job was supplying the Empire with milk in order to feed the imperial troops that were at war at the moment. A war he knew nothing more about. He was an inexperienced fighter so he would support his Emperor in another way in this war. Time pasted and after some time he became the guard captain of Derne. He used the Baracks to rest from the hard work in the cow farms. Days passed, then weeks, then months. He was continuing to supply the Emperor with milk and other products and this made him get a small fortune.

At a certain point some foreigners came to Cyrene. They seemed friendly and cooperated with the local government. Among them was a young lady named Gilda Merisi. Gilda and Alexios started a friendship and no one knew what would happen next if some events didn't change the peace in Cyrene.

Ugone d' Aquino revolted in Cyrene. A lot of the newcomers supported the attack and Cyrene fell. Luckily Gilda Merisi didn't join the attackers and so the two friends didn't have to fight each other. King Arrigo was banned from the kingdom while Alexios was offered to stay and keep his position as guard captain. He declined the offer and resigned his position immediately after the dethronement of King Arrigo. He remained a citizen of Cyrene confused and lost. He hadn't heard from Emperor Narsis for a long time and he found out later that the Emperor died. Maybe from a wound from the battles or some plague.

 Alexios was alone among strangers. He had no connection with his birthplace since the war took a heavy toll on most people he knew at the time and couldn't get in contact with the rest of them. His only comfort was Gilda, but still he was consumed by heavy thoughts. His cows begin to die, his crops were rotting and he was wondering without reason in the city of Derne. His corpse was found in May 1315.


The only child of Konstantinos and Theodora Katakouzinou.

My father was a scholar and always wanted his son to follow his footsteps. And so it happened.

I am now the Judge in the capital of Byzantine Empire Kontastinoupolis since 14 October of 1315.

Althought I am very happy with my work and have the respect and prestige that comes with the job I always dream of becoming a great warrior and commander. I am training hard and maybe one day my dream will become true...

09-Dec-1315. Fought against natives in Tyrus. We were victorious. First time I defeated a man in a real combat. The excitement and the adrenaline rush were something indescribable.

03-Jan-1316. Fought against natives in Moab. We were victorious again. Starting to like fighting more and more...

16-Jan-1316. A great honor. Today I became Chancellor of the Empire.

01-Feb-1316 although I have a lot to learn from now on I am the Constable of the Byzantine Empire.

20-Feb-1316 I started talking with Gilda Merisi, Vassal of Derne. She was a loved person with my childhood friend Alexios Doukas and I followed his wish to find her. She brought joy to my life and maybe a new way to see things.

12-Mar-1316. Tyrus rebels again. This time I was more ready than ever. Better trained and with some real fighting experience. Alas, I was heavily injured in this fight. I almost died. While recovering I decided to be baptized and have Teos in my side in the fights yet to come.

13-Mar-1316. I have been baptized in Rome by Demetrio Castaldi. At last I have found Teos.

14-Apr-1316. Again we have to deal with Moab rebellion. Those people never learn. Teos protected me and I left the battlefield unharmed.

22-Apr-1316. Sinope rebels tried to gain power. We stopped them once again.

29-Apr-1316. It was a glorious day. A was knighted Knight of Lesvos.

11-May-1316. I got infected with the plague. Thank Teos, Prometeo Cagliostro cured me almost instantly and saved my life.

03-Jun-1316. In the holy city of Rome in the Pontifical Chapel his Holiness Sisto V performed the marriage of Gilda Merisi with me. It was the happiest day of my life.

10-Jun-1316. The Natives have failed to regain SIRTE. Many great warriors fought the native barbarians. I fought side by side with my love and queen of Cyrene Gilda. Theos watched over us and left the battlefield unharmed.

19-Jun-1316. Natives revolt for Tyrus. My love and I were ambushed by natives and in the heat of the battle we found ourselves surrounded by enemies. Luckily, our companions saved us the last minute, but we were heavily injured. Praise Teos for saving our lives.

16-Jul-1316. The Natives have failed to regain Caesarea but we were outnumbered. Gilda and I fought side by side. The natives were fierce and bloodthirsty. After the battle we set sail for Venice to rest, cure our injuries and at last spend some time together. Our duties keep us apart.

26-Jul-1316. Natives revolt for Sinope. We were few, but unstoppable. I felt great that day and rushed into the battle.

20-Sep-1316. The Natives have failed to regain Tyrus.

01-Oct-1316. My studies at the University of Valencia just started. Law and diplomacy was the first course and even though I studied law my whole life this was something different.

05-Oct-1316. Life at the University is great. Today a drinking contest began and it will last a whole week! I never took part in such feasts, but now away from my obligations in the Empire and in the beautiful city of Valencia I decided to drink and enjoy myself.

12-Oct-1316. I have been drinking the whole week like it was the last days of my life. I was constantly drunk and in the few hours I was able to stand on my feet I resumed my drinking. I was late in delivering my papers to the University. I will need days to fully recover from the hangover. While drunk I recall the other partners in drinking, announced that I won the contest. I didn't feel a winner at the time. My head was about to explode. I don't think I would ever drink again like this.

04-Nov-1316. I have completed my military training at last. It is time to deal with other matters and put my skills to use if needed.

07-Dec-1316. The winter is coming. I resigned my judge position In Konstantinoupolis and traveled to Korinthos. The chapel in the central square is magnificent and at least I can pray more often. I feel closer to Teos there.

At the same time things were about to change in the South. Kingdom of Jerusalem, Kingdom of Poland and Kingdom of Cyrene declared hostile to our allies Mamluks.

08-Dec-1316. I can hear my father laughing from heaven. It seems I can't get away from the job he intended me to follow. I am now the judge in Korinthos.

10-Dec-1316. The attacks on our allies have begun. The Kingdom of Jerusalem declared War to Kingdom of Mamluk to conquer Gazza.

08-Jan-1317. We defended our allies for over a month. Many battles, dead bodies and tired soldiers were the result but we kept defending our allies keeping them safe. Our enemy Kingdom of Cyrene using a double attack with divided our forced and caught us of guard. They declared war to Byzantine Empire in order to raid Konstantinoupolis.

09-Jan-1317. The next day found the city of Konstantinoupolis pillaged. Buildings razed to the ground and many of its defenders dead or near death. I was one of them. I recall warriors of the enemy stealing of our markets with joy on their eyes. Many of them also fell but they were victorious. At the same time we defended our allies once again. It was a bitter tie.

12-Jan-1317. In an attempt of us to get revenge for the fallen brothers in Polis we attacked Jerusalem. Although it was Mamluk enemy and not our when this war begun we had no support from them even though we kept them alive for over a month. This was the end of our alliance. After that Mamluks would fall to their hands without our help.

16-Jan-1317. It seems like even natives are against us in this hard time for our empire. A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Tyrus. We saw the danger and stopped them on time.

03-Feb-1317. My cousin Gregorios Kantakouzenos has been crowned Sovereign of Byzantine Empire. Empress Thekla Argyra did her best in her reign for the empire but it was time for a change. We had a big celebration after Gregorios coronation.

06-Feb-1317 I was appointed Vassal in Konstantinoupolis. My cousin wanted me at his side at his first steps as an Emperor and I was more than happy to serve him.

12-Feb-1317. A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Sinope. As we always have we were there to support our allies and drive the natives back.

01-Mar-1317. A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Bern. We were never close with Kingdom of Italy but king Oddantonio needed help and we were there for him in this time of trouble.

07-Mar-1317. The construction of the Basilica in Konstantinoupolis has been completed. Although I belong to a different religion and my soul belongs to Teos I can't do anything less but admire this great temple.

09-Apr-1317. The king of Albania is dead. This was a golden opportunity to regain Epeiros. A land that is our by right. Unfortunately we waited too long and many happened in the meantime. A new king rose to the throne and Rome was supporting him. Rome is the house of the holy Pope and we had friendly bonds with them for a very long time. In the name of friendship we stepped back. It was a hard and painful decision.

23-Apr-1317. My son Angelo Amerighi Katakouzinos was born. The fruit of my love with Gilda was in my hands. It brought joy to our lives and a new meaning.

At the same day the kingdom of Jerusalem was conquered by Mamluks and kingdom of Cyrene became a vassal kingdom of Serbia.  Maybe it was a sign, who knows.
23-Apr-1317. Kingdom of Mamluk conquered Kingdom: Kingdom of Jerusalem
23-Apr-1317. Jerman Nemanjic has been crowned Sovereign of Kingdom of Cyrene!

After a day from their conquest they had the coronation of the new king. The new king of Jerusalem is the former emperor of Byzantine Empire Michael Isauricos. This is getting more and more complicated.
24-Apr-1317. Michael Isauricos has been crowned Sovereign of Kingdom of Jerusalem!

25-Apr-1317. Kingdom of Jerusalem changed Diplomatic Relation with Kingdom of Cyrene. New Relation is: Hostile.
Well that was unexpected. While we were trying to find out why they attacked the lands of Jerusalem they are eager for more. They wish to attack our friends and at the same time they are asking for our friendship?
25-Apr-1317. Kingdom of Jerusalem changed Diplomatic Relation with: Byzantine Empire. New Relation is: Friendly.

After some diplomatic contacts and talks although it pains to attack a former Byzantine Emperor and friend, we must do our duty. Jerusalem will be liberated and become a place of worship for the faithful. That means that Mamluks once our allies must fall as well after their recent treason when we needed their help and it was denied.
26-Apr-1317. Byzantine Empire changed Diplomatic Relation with: Kingdom of Mamluk. New Relation is: Hostile.
26-Apr-1317. The Byzantine Empire has launched an attack to Kingdom of Jerusalem! (Conquer region Akra)
29-Apr-1317. Byzantine Empire conquered region Acre.

We were ready to fight. Our opponent wasn’t. We decided to push even more and go for the capital.
29-Apr-1317. The Byzantine Empire has launched an attack to Kingdom of Jerusalem! (Conquer region Jerusalem)
01-May-1317.   Byzantine Empire attacked Kingdom of Jerusalem in a fierce battle.
We attacked with almost our full force. We found minimum resistance. Soon Jerusalem will be ours.

After two days of fighting we were victorious. My wife Gilda Merisi would take the throne and turn this kingdom into a place of worship.
03-May-1317.   Byzantine Empire conquered Kingdom: Kingdom of Jerusalem, the new Regent is Gilda Merisi and she honored me by appointing me the noble title of Marquis.
04-May-1317. Theophilos Katakouzinos has received a noble title: Marquis of Galilee.

The war isn’t over yet.
06-May-1317. The Kingdom of Jerusalem has launched an attack to Kingdom of Mamluk! (Conquer region Moab)
I was transferred to Korinthos the same day to organize the local guard there.
06-May-1317. Thekla Argyra, Vassal - KORINTHOS has nominated Theophilos Katakouzinos Guard Captain.
Two days later the attack began and soon Moab would fall. Mamluks were surrounded by both the Serbian army and the Byzantine. They had no way out.
08-May-1317 Kingdom of Jerusalem attacked Kingdom of Mamluk in a fierce battle.
09-May-1317 Kingdom of Jerusalem conquered region Moab.

A month passed and we had no warfare. Everyone was waiting for something to happen. My job as the Korinthos Guard captain was complete and I took a more important office.
10-Jun-1317. Theophilos Katakouzinos has received an assignment, Chancellor of Byzantine Empire!
10-Jun-1317. Gregorios Kantakouzenos Emperor of Byzantine Empire has nominated Theophilos Katakouzinos Vassal in region Korinthos.

After 2 months from last battle and without any diplomacy activity to end the war we decided to take the next step.
08-Jul-1317. The Byzantine Empire has launched an attack to Kingdom of Mamluk! (Conquer region Suez)
The battle started after two days and soon Suez was ours as well.

Due to the great diplomacy skills of Jerusalem and Gilda we came to an agreement with Albania. We would give them Suez and they will give Epeiros to us. This was great news. At the same time the campaign in the east continues.
14-Jul-1317. The Kingdom of Jerusalem has launched an attack to Kingdom of Mamluk! (Conquer region Edom)
Two days later all went according to plan.
16-Jul-1317. Kingdom of Jerusalem conquered region Edom.
16-Jul-1317. Byzantine Empire conquered region Epeiros.
After that we had nothing against Albania. They were friends as far as we were concerned.
21-Jul-1317. Byzantine Empire changed Diplomatic Relation with Great Despotate of Epiro and Albania. New Relation is friendly.

The time was right to end the Mamluk threat once and for all.
13-Aug-1317.   The Kingdom of Jerusalem has launched an attack to Kingdom of Mamluk! (Conquer region Cairo)
It was soon after the war ended. The once the strong and solid kingdom of Mamluks is no more.
16-Aug-1317. Kingdom of Jerusalem conquered Kingdom of Mamluk, the new Regent is Namaste Okonis.

The new plans for the holy city of Jerusalem were to make this deserted land to a place of warship. To do that, Mystic temples, that were hardly used, around it had to be destroyed.

Angered with rage Sayf al-Dawla, Primodor of Universal Mystical Church lost his mind and used dark magic against us.
20-Aug-1317. The Religion of Universal Mystical Church has embraced the dogma Death to the Infidels choosing the bonus Damnation to the infidels (Theology Religion).

We moved according to plan.
21-Aug-1317. The structure Mystical Temple in Jerusalem has been completely destroyed!
22-Aug-1317. The structure Mystical Temple in Cairo has been completely destroyed!
24-Aug-1317. The structure Grand Imam's Palace in Caesarea has been completely destroyed!

26-Aug-1317. A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Akra. It seems like we can’t stay in peace for long.

29-Aug-1317. My only son Angelo Amerighi Katakouzinos has been introduced to the Sacrament of Confession of Theological Church.

16-Sep-1317. Theodoros Tsiaousis has been nominated Primodor of Church Universal Mystical Church!
Theodoros is a good friend and probably the one that will save Mystic faith from the mistakes made in the past from his predecessors.
16-Sep-1317.   Religion Universal Mystical Church has abandoned the bonus Damnation to the infidels (Theology Religion).

27-Sep-1317. The structure Mufti Palace in Jerusalem has been completely destroyed!
At last we were ready to start the holy transformation of Jerusalem. The new Pope Alexander VII was the one that blessed this temple.
01-Oct-1317. Alexander VII has given the go-ahead for the project Cardinal Palace in Caesarea.

We had some distractions while building our first temple in Jerusalem but those couldn’t stop us forever. It was a double attack so we divided our forces and helped both our allies at the same time. I fought the Ankara rebels. 
08-Oct-1317. A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Ankara (Kingdom of Seleucid).
08-Oct-1317. A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Smyrna (Ottoman Empire).

At last our first place of worship in this land is complete.
03-Nov-1317. The construction of the building Cardinal Palace at Caesarea has been completed.

Serbia decided to attack Savoy and expand. We cooperated with Serbia in the past and we will do it again if asked.
28-Nov-1317. Byzantine Empire changed diplomatic relation with Kingdom of Savoy. New Relation is hostile.
28-Nov-1317. Byzantine Empire changed diplomatic relation with Kingdom of Sicily. New Relation is hostile.

While we were preparing for war some Akra troublemakers though it was a good time to attack. They were wrong.
02-Dec-1317. A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Akra.
We crushed their rebellion 2 days later.

Another friend of us decided to attack Albania. We would stay neutral in this conflict. Bulgaria is an ally but we recently made peace with Albania king and we had no reason to break it.
13-Dec-1317. The Tsardom of Bulgaria has launched an attack to Great Despotate of Epiro and Albania! (Conquer region Durazzo)
Soon after the attack Albania had fallen.

I kept on fighting in January. This time rebels were attacking our friends Ottomans and Selucids. My sword is always in their service.
17-Jan-1318. A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Smyrna (Ottoman Empire).
25-Jan-1318. A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Tarsus (Kingdom of Seleucid).

Soon after the taking of Albania Mateo Lubiani revolted and took back the throne.
08-Feb-1318. Matteo Lubiani declared a revolt against Ivan Alexander Dulo Barbossa Regent of Great Despotate of Epiro and Albania!

16-Feb-1318. Kingdom of Sicily has declared war to Kingdom of Savoy!
Since Savoy was under Serbia control this was a declaration against Serbia actually.

05-Mar-1318. A  Great Famine stuck all Europe. Fish were dying; cows didn’t produce enough milk and got thinner day by day. Crops were not growing properly and locusts were eating more than half of that production. I never saw something like this again, I only read about a previous famine that stuck Europe about two hundred years ago. I couldn’t imagine that this was possible. Reading and living it is like day and night. Many would die because of that famine if it last for long. We had reserves so we had no problem keeping all of our citizens well fed even in these difficult times.

06-Mar-1318. A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Akra.
This is getting annoying. Maybe a castle will keep them away.

16-Mar-1318. Great Despotate of Epiro and Albania changed Diplomatic Relation with Kingdom of Jerusalem. New Relation is hostile.
That was unexpected. Mateo had friendly relations with Gilda and nothing changed as far as I know.
Well whatever his motives are we will not tolerate it.
6-Mar-1318. Byzantine Empire changed Diplomatic Relation with: Great Despotate of Epiro and Albania. New Relation is hostile.

22-Mar-1318 The Famine has ended. It disappeared like a bad dream. Crows were growing as before, the cows started to gain weight and produce more milk and the fish filled the seas like the famine never existed. Was the famine a divine punishment? Are we safe now? We will probably never know.

23-Mar-1318. Byzantine Empire completed building: Castle in Akra.
We have one less problem to worry about.

25-Mar-1318. A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Edom (Kingdom of Jerusalem).
They were cunning this time. We had information and expected them to attack in two days but their attack were three days after our discovery about them. That didn’t change anything of course except of a little irritation of our warriors. They took their anger in their skulls.

13-Apr-1318 The Great Despotate of Epiro and Albania has launched an attack to Ottoman Empire! They will try to raid the capital Bursa. Ottomans are peacefull and this raid is something really strange. Even stranger was the battle itself. Dark powers helped the attackers. Although there were defenders that killed many of the attackers they seemed unharmed stealing and destroying. After some days magically the stolen were returned and the buildings were raised from the ashes again. A miracle indeed.

23-Apr-1318 With the recent magic events in Bursa and many other strange events in all battlefields regents of Europe decided to stop all war actions. Wars have been disabled.

24-Apr-1318 Theodoros Tsiaousis Primodor, renounced the role. My friend Thodoros will serve the mystics from another place.

25-Apr-1318 Theodoros Tsiaousis has been crowned Sovereign of Kingdom of Seleucid!

26-Apr-1318 Alexander VII, Summus Pontifex has named Celestino Borromeo Cardinal in Caesarea. At last we have a Cardinal in the holly lands of Jerusalem.

28-May-1318 Athanasios Koinovitis our spiritual father in Athena had to move on. He was needed in Suez to serve the role of Bishop. Suez is a hostile region to Byzantio but religion is above mortal relationships.

23-Jun-1318 The construction of the Parish at Jerusalem has been completed. Another sacred temple to praise Teos.

24-Jun-1318 The peace truce is over. A war is about to start and no one knows how it will end.

A month of warfares around the world and still there was no sign of an ending soon. We stay out of the war, but we are vigilant.

28-Jul-1318 Byzantine Empire completed building: Castle in: ACHAEA. Our defensive structures are complete.

10-Aug-1318 Byzantine Empire just finished building the structure: Training Grounds - Level 2, in KONSTANTINOUPOLIS. A great upgrade to our training facilities. It will allow us to learn more technics of combat that will provide great benefits to our trained army.

27-Sep-1318 The war is changing shapes and disguises and the alliance of Rome-Sicily-Albania found a way to attack Kiev and raid the Michelin Sacred Fishing Net while the Kievan allies couldn't help them defend. A heavy blow to all patriarchals. Those that are involved in the war and those that remain neutral. When did this war become a religious one and why? Are they on bloodlust? Are they mad? While on their effort to raid the relic many theological priests went to their aid. One of them was father Ernesto Strozzi, cleric in Jerusalem. Why aid them in their war? Sicily and Albania are hostile to Buzantio and by so hostile to Jerusalem as well. Why aid someone that is trying to make a kingdom war with a religious one? What will be the outcome of their actions for their kingdoms and for our own faith later? Don't they see the trap in this hostile action?

28-Sep-1318 Gilda Merisi Queen Kingdom of Jerusalem, proclaimed a new law: Security Decree. Father Ernesto Strozzi is banned from the kingdom of Jerusalem for the harm he made to both the kingdom and to the Theological faith as well.

07-Oct-1318 Some days have past and despite the efforts of patriarchal kingdoms their relic is still in Rome hands. They hide it well and no one can seem to find them while raiding Rome. Meanwhile Kiev and its allies in order punish Sicily Norse Church members attacked and stole their relic. This war escalates day by day.

15-Oct-1318 Kingdom of Jerusalem,Kingdom of Mamluk and  Byzantine Empire merged into: Eastern Roman Empire. A new empire is forged by very old friends and allies. We were three and one at the same time and at last we are whole.




21-Oct-1318 The Religion of Theological Church has has abandoned the bonus Blessings of the Artisans of dogma Ora Et Labora and embraced the dogma Death to the Infidels choosing the bonus Damnation to the infidels (Patriarchal Religion)

Patriarchal followers still suffer because of the loss of their relic. It seems that it is well hidden in the Holy See and despite the efforts of many soldiers it remains in enemy hands. As that wasn't enough the leader of our faith decided to abandon a useful dogma for all his members just to cast an evil spell to all patriarchals even though not all of them are against him or a part of the war. A war that started as a war of power and control and many tried to turn him into a religious one for their own pitiful purposes.

My friends and family members are having nightmares at night eat, but don't feel satiated. And all for what? I thought Teos was kind and forgiving, but I am witnessing blind vengeance and anger. I can't follow him anymore, not while my friends and family are cursed by the same god I believe.

29-Oct-1318 You have abandoned Theological Church.

Two weeks later and after long discussions with Father Emmanouil Olovolos I found hope again and decided to follow the patriarchal faith.

12-Nov-1318 Theophilos Katakouzinos has been introduced to the Sacrament of Confession of Patriarchal Church.

Meanwhile, Emperor Gregorios ordered the temples of Theological faith in the empire's land to be razed to the ground. A firm but also wise and just decision.

14-Nov-1318 The structure Ancient Teological Church, Parish in ATHENA has been completely destroyed!

After many insults to her by many Theological priests and nobles my wife decided that enough was enough.

16-Nov-1318 Gilda Merisi have abandoned Theological Church.

04-Dec-1318 Gilda Merisi has been introduced to the Sacrament of Confession of Patriarchal Church

Our son also followed us in our new path in life and all of us prayed in the new Chapel in Athena that our former brothers and sister of Theological faith will eventually find peace. The war was still raging across Europe and now the tides are turned against them.