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The Rains Of Palermo...
« on: 13 November, 2018, 11:56:30 PM »
Its been months of war and finally clash in Palermo happened. Followers of Deste has either deserted and fleed or they fell before the great army of Dragon alliance! The battle has finally finished , Dusan alongside his wife Isabella has been walking thru deserted streets toward the palace of Palermo... They have reached the Palace , Dusan looked at the empty throne and then turn around to the army and look at one of strongest warriors of alliance , Edward Teach... Step up with me brother... Edward Teach stood next to Dusan and Isabella , then Dusan turn to the army Brothers , its been long time since Kingdom of Sicily thought that they can be a match to us! They should have known better than that! And yet there is no one of them standing here to see how terrible mistake they have made! This man alongside me , Edward Teach , we all know him and how bravely he fought! And so I entrust him the role of Regent of Sicily until we decide what to do with it. The King is dead! Long Live King Edward! Army shouted Long live King Edward!
12-Nov-1318, 13:07:02   Tsardom of Serbia conquered Kingdom: Kingdom of Sicily, the new Regent is: Edward Teach.

... A two days passed and Dusan go out on a morning walk to the streets of deserted city of Palermo thinking about beggining of war... Its been a long time since arrogant young King of Sicily has declared hostility toward Tsardom of Serbia and its allies without a word spoken with them...
Since that day Tsar Dusan seen that this young King have no respect for his friends and himself and that he think he is better than them... Moreover Sicily decided to side with arch enemy of alliance of Dragon , with Kingdom of Rome! Dusan never understood why they did it , but he knew that someone had to teach that guy a lesson that and he was glad it was him who did it! Dusan smiled as he waited for this day for so long and kept walking the streets where there were just soldiers of Italy , Bulgaria and Serbia altogether celebrating victory over Sicily and singing songs about their deeds... As Dusan has reached the tavern he sit to share a drink with his soldiers and one bard came telling him that there is a song he wrote about Tsar Dusan's deeds on Sicily and he gave the song a name "The Rains Of Palermo"...

Dusan gave that bard few silver coins and asked him to sing it to the army and so bard began:

And who are you, the proud lord said,
That I must bow so low?
Only an eagle of a different coat,
That's all the truth I know.
In a coat of gold or a coat of red,
An eagle still has claws,
And mine are long and sharp, my lord,
As long and sharp as yours.
And so he spoke, and so he spoke,
That lord of Palermo,
But now the rains weep o'er his hall,
With no one there to hear.
Yes now the rains weep o'er his hall,
And not a soul to hear.

And since that moment whole army started singing about those deeds and Dusan was glad about it as it will spread out to the world and everyone will know how will pass the ones who try to harm him and his friends...
But it was just a step and Kingdom of Rome remained as well, the main point of enemy... Dusan has returned to the barracks where he will plan with his friends a siege of Rome...

PS: Preferable is to open this music in background :D
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