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Dyonysos Z Trutnova

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Royal Wedding
« on: 25 November, 2018, 07:36:48 PM »

for best view click on the parchment
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Fabiotto Borgia

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Re: Royal Wedding
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Fabiotto felt extreme sympathy for Istvan and Anna.

And there was a reason.

When he was a Venetian, Fabiotto knew Istvan almost by chance, and almost by chance Istvan gave the seal that Fabiotto still uses when sending letters.
Fabiotto did not ask him anything, and Istvan did not ask for anything in return.
It was an exchange of courtesies born in nothingness.
Fabiotto did not remember why he and Istvan wrote ...
Then Fabiotto left for Cyrene and met in Istvan in person, on a courtesy visit to Cyrene. Meanwhile Istvan had become king of the glorious Kingdom of Bohemia.
They shook hands, talked, and drank brandy. The two kingdoms formed friendly relations.
Fabiotto considered Istvan to be a person he could trust.

Fabiotto also met Anna, this time not by chance.
Anna had recently become Archduchess of the glorious Kingdom of Austria and Cyrene needed allies.
Fabiotto imagined a triple alliance made by Cyrene, France and Austria.
Imagining does not cost anything ...
When the war was declared to Cyrene, Fabiotto wrote to the French and to Anna.
Fabiotto wrote something to Anna, and Anna answered by talking about something else ..
They spoke two different languages, Fabiotto smiled and thought to give up. After all, the alliance was not historical and this war was about Cyrene.
Despite everything, Fabiotto was very fond of Anna

Now Cyrene must rebuild. The patriarchal arrived, they broke the balls for a few days, they did a couple of raids as a signature, destroyed shops expanded with a lot of effort, and they left.
The news of this marriage had a truly theological sound, and this made Fabiotto think of the good times.
Fabiotto thought that soon it will be time to restore the diplomatic states that existed before the invaders came.

Fabiotto thought that this time he would participate in this celebration, a symbol of rebirth.

Isabella Este

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Re: Royal Wedding
« Reply #2 on: 02 December, 2018, 11:55:33 PM »
Isabella had learned about King Istvan's marriage to Queen Anne and so she sent a message of congratulations to the spouses

Your Royal Highness Istvan Hunyadi,

Our best wishes for your wedding will come to you and your bride, Her Grace Anna Zamoyska, from Italy.
May this union bring every joy to your Royal Houses and prosperity to your Kingdoms

Sincerly yours

" Il mio segreto è una memoria che agisce a volte per terribilità"

Costance D'hauteville

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Re: Royal Wedding
« Reply #3 on: 03 December, 2018, 11:25:51 PM »
The travel to Bohemia had been lovely and quiet . Costance was happy because of her husband's letter announcing her that he was travelling to Liberec to participate to the wedding ceremony between their friend, King Istvan , and his bride, Queen Anna of Austria.
They would have met in Bohemia and  spent some days together .

As many times she had visited the region of Liberec , she never set foot inside its church and she was curious to see and admire it.
King Istvan had devoted half his life to the church and his life had known many changes in the last months : king first , husband now.

Costance hoped to have some time to talk with her friend with the usual familiarity of a long established acquaintance like theirs was, and to know better the austrian queen , surely a kind and good woman for having captured King Istvan's attention .

She had brought a gift for the newlyweds: a tapestry with scenes of hunting, embroidered with threads of gold and silk .
Finally , Costance and her suit arrived in Liberec just in time for the wedding and she entered in the church looking for her beloved husband's figure.

Giovanni Soranzo

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Re: Royal Wedding
« Reply #4 on: 04 December, 2018, 12:48:53 AM »
A few days ago a messenger from Bohemia arrived in Venice who personally wanted to give the Doge a very important letter.

Shortly thereafter he was received in the offices of Soranzo, who immediately recognized the seal of his friend Istvan. As soon as the letter was read, the Doge took the paper and inkwell and wrote the answer to be delivered to the Bohemian king, handed his seal and gave it to the messenger saying: "rest, satiety and then run to your king to deliver my letter"

The preparations for the departure began shortly thereafter, the Doge with his entourage had to leave for Liberec where King Istvan would marry the Queen of Austria and on this occasion he would see his beloved Costance again.

The trip was a bit animated on the Alps due to the first nuvices. Fortunately he managed to arrive on time and was able to chat with the groom before the start of the celebration, telling him about the emotion he had felt on his day.

The ceremony was about to begin and he entered to take a seat in the right wing of the church awaiting the arrival of his beloved, Shortly after his heart began to beat because he saw her come in and with his head waved to attract her caution.

Dusan Nemanjic

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Re: Royal Wedding
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Tsar Dusan was preparing for his trip to the wedding and just moment before he left, he heard that there is some rebellion in Durazzo and that it demands action so his imminent presence on the battlefield was very needed... Tsar Dusan ordered to his guard to bring him his armor and to prepare few best soldiers to accompany him to Durazzo... Then he took ink and paper to wrrite a letter... He summoned one of his nobles and told him that he will have personally to deliver a scroll of congratulations directly to King Istvan and Queen Anna.

Dear Queen Anna and King Istvan ,

I want to appologize to you for not being able to attend on your wedding party because of some state matters which demand my presence, but I send one of my most cheerful nobles who will no doubt represent joy of people of Serbia for you as the happy couple. I wish you all the best in marriage and to have many little Annas and Istvans. But do not think that you succeded to save that brandy from me... :) I will make sure to visit you together with my wife when the time allows us to.

Until we meet , I salute you and wish you the best ...
Yours ,

Ezzelino Da Romano

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Re: Royal Wedding
« Reply #6 on: 05 December, 2018, 09:24:19 PM »
Ezzelino was happy to participate in the solemn ceremony of the wedding between his dear friends Anna and Istvan. Both had been known in the countless business trips that Ezzelino made to Central Europe to trade and with both they had from the beginning sincere and cordial relations. These relationships gradually evolved into a great friendship, and for this reason Ezzelino could not miss the ceremony that sealed the eternal love between the two spouses. The ceremony was truly spectacular, with songs and music that were able to move the soul of the people. The bride was beautiful and Ezzelino among himself thought that lucky man should be Istvan, he was also a bit 'envious, but sure that Istvan would be a perfect husband for her. Outside the church there were many people cheering and blessing the newlyweds, certainly the people loved them, and this atmosphere of celebration was very sincere and deserved by the newlyweds.
The day, wonderful sunny and pleasant, turned to sunset and after the ceremony began the festivities that were really remarkable ....