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Dusan Nemanjic

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Conquest of Rome!
« on: 30 November, 2018, 02:21:47 PM »
Its been a wonderful day, a day we all dream for years since beggining of this great war... A day when our alliance marched to the center of evil power of our enemies, to their capital city so called "unconquerable" Rome!
The army of Italy , Bulgaria and Serbia has marched in Rome and have been surprised with what they found there , a deserted place! Those cowardly soldiers have run away and did not protect city that feed them for ages! The allied army easily crushed thru militia who remain in the city and reached the castle where only one of Knights remaining called Gualtieri. He fought the best he can , but was easily defeated by strong veteran warriors of the allied army... He was spared because of bravery , but remained a prisoner of new government of Rome. Ex King of Rome Roberto , was found on the boat trying to flee for Kingdom of Aragona, but he was catched by our sea raiders and also became a prisoner of war.  Battle in Rome was swiftly finished , Tsar Dusan Nemanjic has walked the streets of Rome with his wife Queen Isabella , looked at her and said You see my dear, I always make my promise... They smiled and continue walk toward Palace of Rome... As they entered the Royal Palace of Rome with their friends Dusan had something like deja vu because situation in Palermo... Tsar Dusan Nemanjic has asked his very good friend Zupan Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin to step up... This man of honor here has deserved our trust and therefore we will set him up as the new King of Rome to rule in name of our alliance... The King is Dead! Soldiers yell out loud "Long Live The King!" Dusan Zivkovic, new King of Rome sitted on throne of Rome  and his friends congratulated him...

After that a celebration on the streets of Rome was organized, soldiers were drinking trying to get each others drunk with their own national drinks and singing some war songs about their deeds and deeds of their enemies, most popular one was:
"Hee-e-eey my Patri friends, why Roberto can no longer dance
Hee-e-eey Who can he trust , its his fault now Rome is dust
Hee-e-eey And our Alex dear no longer is Poope because of Patri fear..."

 In the middle of feast , Dusan and Isabella has climbed the walls which was damaged of the many sieges that happened on Rome recently...  As they stood up on the walls Dusan kissed his wife and then turn to the crowd and said Behold my brothers , I want to congratulate all of you for this great achievment we all have fought so long for. The arch enemy of our alliance who has used    threats and many dishonorable actions toward us has now fallen before us or flee to the distant Kingdoms! All of you have deserved to enjoy this day and get yourself drunk, that is a command!
Soldiers laugh and now more happily than ever listened to this "command" !
But before you get to this command , I want to say few words more... This day was not only our dream , but also a dream of our great friend who is no longer among us. But our alliance never forgets! Dusan took off the flag of Rome that was on the top tower of the walls and instead of that flag he put an old flag... This flag only old among us will recognize as this is a flag of our old friend , the late King Oddantonio... Dusan and Isabella took a shots of rakia raise the glass Drink to the bottom soldiers in honor to old friend! Then Dusan Look up to the sky We dont forget... I hope you are proud now brother...

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Isabella Este

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Re: Conquest of Rome!
« Reply #1 on: 30 November, 2018, 06:15:30 PM »
The royal platoon arrived in Rome at the first light of dawn. The allied camp was located just outside the walls of the eternal city and Isabella was greeted with honors.

After talking with the Army Generals, she went immediately to her husband who embraced her happy to see her in good health and for the sack that had allowed the Reliquia to be removed from the Pontiff Alexander VII the Inept, who had already resigned.

They all immediately went to the table to discuss the best strategy of attack. The next day they would have crossed the gates of Rome and dethroned Roberto di Stabia, introducing one of their trusted men. Certain sources had known that King Robert was preparing to flee from Rome and that a ship was already ready to move him to Majorca, where he had already requested asylum, like so many other  cowards  Romans who had run away.
The day after, therefore, the allied troops, violating the door to the east on the Aurelian Walls, broke into the city and entered the Palazzo Senatorio, near  Campidoglio Square, the seat of the Roman Consul.

To defend they found a few militiamen led by an old drunk with a semi-burnt face, who nevertheless managed to hit the Queen and tear off her precious necklace ...
For a few minutes they feared the worst, but fortunately Isabella recovered almost quickly.

The action was sudden and in less than a few minutes the  Rome taking was declared. In the presence of Serbian Tsar Dusan Nemanjic, Bulgarian Tsar Ivan and Queen of Italy, Isabella Este, the new King Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin was crowned, among the applause and victory singing of the entire Allied army.

Isabella looked up at the sky and cried. She cried of liberating tears for all those years she had suffered because of those wicked  people, who, not to lose that stolen throne, had allowed the Italic peninsula to be put in fire and deliberately caused the death of thousands of people, they now had on the conscience.

Then invoking Deus to thank him, she thought of Oddantonio and how happy he would be of that victory.

Turning to her husband, she smiled at him and went to find his hand to hold her and lift them up as a sign of Triumph.

Isabella and Dusan very pleased,  walked among the people who celebrated happily

Dusan led her up the city walls and there he gave his speech.

That speech, more than any other thousand that he had done in his life and that Isabella had listened, revealed the univocal qualities and virtues of Dusan that were very rare among men in those times.

Dusan wanted to dedicate that victory to his old friend Oddantonio and replaced the Roman banner with that of Montefeltro King.

Only the oldest among us will recognize this ancient flag as the flag of our old friend, the late King Oddantonio ...

 Dusan and Isabella filled the cups of rakia and raised their glasses

Then Dusan Look at the sky .... Let's not forget ... I hope you are proud now brother ...

Isabella, proud  too and moved, lifted the cup to the sky, gripping her husband's hand tightly.

She thought that the joy of that moment was about to make her heart burst

not to forget

29-Nov-1318, 17:34:03   Kingdom of Italy conquered Kingdom: Kingdom of Rome, the new Regent is: Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin.
29-Nov-1318, 17:34:03   Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin has been crowned Sovereign of Kingdom of Rome!
29-Nov-1318, 17:34:03   Roberto Di Stabia, Regent of Kingdom of Rome, has been dethroned!
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