Author Topic: In remembrance of those past heroes of Sweden (ORP)  (Read 1008 times)


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In remembrance of those past heroes of Sweden (ORP)
« on: 19 November, 2018, 09:21:05 PM »
*King Kol sat down in his throne looking out at the long hall of his throne room.  It had life within it, and yet it was still somber.  Sweden had been through so much this year alone and come out of it still standing.  His people were strong and hardworking people, ones that wouldn't give up in a fight regardless of the odds.  He was proud of them all, and yet he found himself with an empty feeling in his chest.  He was confused by this.  The economy was turning around, the people were happy as far as he was told.  He was happy and proud, yet he couldn't figure out what was causing this empty feeling.  He closed his eyes for a moment and took the time to think of things.  That is when it dawned on him.  So many heroes of Sweden lost over the years, those whose blood, sweat, and tears still soak the very land.  He opened his eyes and called out.*

"Call forth every citizen!  I wish the halls to be filled with the tales and memories of our fallen heroes.  We look forward, but we must remember those that sacrificed everything so that we might have a future.  Bring forth the young who do not know these names and let them listen and hear the tales of those before them.  Let all be welcome to these halls to share their tales of these people.  It doesn't matter what Kingdom the hail from.  It is time we remember the heroes of Sweden. King Harald Magnusson, Damion Eastwood, Arn De Gothia, Marius von Hessen-Homburg, Sofie Falkenburg, and Eleonore von Lindenau.  It is the time we all remember"

*He hit the side of his chair as he sent people scampering about to do as he instructed.  Messengers would be sent out to the corners of the Kingdom.  All were to come for a moment of remembrance and to listen to tales of the past heroes.*
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Gustav Wolfsangel

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Re: In remembrance of those past heroes of Sweden (ORP)
« Reply #1 on: 21 November, 2018, 08:54:45 PM »
Gustav ran a scarred hand over his face. the wind from the North the least of his worries as he watched the drakkar approach the shores of Smaland.
Many were the friends that had left him....
Gustav thought of Arn de Gothia. the warrior and guard captain. Arn had come to Sweden shortly before Gustav had been swept ashore in 1315. a warrior through and through...Arn was quickly recognized as one of Sweden's risings stars. Arn was a prime builder of Kalmar Slott, which was raised in record time. He fought in many campaigns...from Telemark to Sud Gau.
my bother....I miss you. all of Sweden mourns for you

Gustav remembered traveling south with Almeria in the southern most point of Iberia....fighting natives attempting to regain their supremacy. Arn was ever smiling in his tasks. even as the squire fixed his armor upon him....he calmed me before the coming fight. the smiling face of Arn before the helm covered his visage was better than any bother in arms. selected by Our good King Harald to fight by his side as a member of the King's Guard....

the ship approached the dockyard...the cruel spray of the sea splashed Gustav's face....Sweden, despite all its faults was near...better than anywhere else in these times.
Gustav pulled his hood close to his face and went ashore, hoping to not be recognized
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(RIP) James Broden

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Re: In remembrance of those past heroes of Sweden (ORP)
« Reply #2 on: 06 January, 2019, 04:00:23 PM »
James sat with in the throne room talking over the very early days Sweden had come about our of the darkness of the forgoten lands. The time we where scraching out a Kingdom that would streach the times to come. The bring back to life of the Norse faith to the forgoten people of history.

He talked about our dear friend Harold who has now since departed this life and travelled to Valhalla to live amount Odin and the worriers of our past..

We drink from the horn of plenty and talk about the lose of our relic that one day it will return to our lands.